Well it worked ok for me under win2k in fullscreen mode, although it only ran sometimes, and in wondowed mode on XP on a V5. You do get some errors reported about failing to create buffers, but I found that it you ignored them it worked. I presume that you have downloaded and applied the appropriate patch for your OS.

  • Unreal patch 227 firefox
  • Lotr bfme2 patch 1.07 firefox
  • Bioware patch 26498 firefox
  • Ut patch 3369 firefox
  • Beta patch 94444 firefox
  • Original war patch 1.05 firefox
  • Dayz patch 94876 firefox

Well I have tried the Vietcong commercial released game, and I find thatit reboots in the tutorial unless I disable DX8 support, if I do it looks very bad on a V5 but ok-ish on a V3. It also doesn't like having trippel buffering enabled. It seems to need the textures to be stored in system memory instead of on the card. Are we talking about the same game. I did the Screenshots on a Voodoo 5500 AGP on Win2k professional, on DX9.


The loki installer assumes you have the cds, which GOG doesn't have. You might try installing the game on a windows machine and then pointing the loki to that directory, but it's doubtful that'll work. The only other thing to do is use wine to play the game, which I've had some success with, though I haven't played with it recently.

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Adding Mutators to this server is going to be Extremely Easy, but VERY Different from the way that you will read on the instructions from Epic. No longer will you add Mutators and Mod through Webadmin.


Microsoft has a number of command line switches avaible at their website, these could come in handy, if anyone can find them again. I found them, printed them off, and now can't seem to trace my way back to the site or find the printout.

Is it just this one game that you are having a problem with. Are other games running with the SFFT driver. Does this game run under other drivers.


Well, I continue having problems with the SFFT Alpha 15, like aleatory reboots. I have tried this driver on 2 different systems with the same effect: A lot problems of instability.

It certainly runs in windowed mode on XP. You have to edit the config to set windowed mode. I would try different resolutons. I think that I had it set to auto resolution.


But there's one thing that bothers me since immemorial times: why does the direct3d part of "3dfx tools" never seem to change anything in performance? Is it because my v3 does not support dx8 and above?

Perturbator - She Moves Like A Knife by PERTURBATOR

Well I am glad that something is running better for someone apart from 3Dmark 2001. I have confirmed the Max Payne(1) problem which runs ok on V3/4 but not on a V5. I have also found a strange problem, where DX9 can't find the adapter. Does anyone know if GTA3 runs on a voodoo3.


Superpower 2 patch 1.3 firefox

Can people please test the Alpha4 drivers, with the problems reported with Unreal 2, Max Payne and Vice City. I would like further information on the Vice City problem, is the V5 being run in Single chip mode or default.

Sub command patch 1.08 firefox

I'm using the standard-settings. No V-Sync, no FSAA, no AF and normal quality.


Your efforts are well appreciated. I tried the drivers and so far I like them very much. At first, I installed the SFFT7 drivers by first deleting the 3dfx registry and then using the install exe. At first I had some instability with the flight simulator software. The program froze when changing display settings from within the simulator. Then after switching from full screen and back to window mode I lost the mouse curser.

SuperWebAdmin is an advanced administration tool for UnrealTournament'99 servers, it allows you to manage your server via a web http interface. Basing on the original webadmin built in UT, SWA provides you with a very similiar interface, but much simpler, it gets rid of the slow loading images in order to speed the things up. It adds a lot of additional features and security measures which I will describe later.


The SFFT11 drivers have developed a problem I did not have before. As I change from window mode to full screen and or back I occasionally get the dreaded Blue screen of death saying.

Oblivion patch 1.2.0416 firefox

I also solved the problem of the texture blurr. It seems that some of the formats of the bitmaps of the plane model I was using, where in 32bit and others where in a DXT3. Looks like the card or drivers did not like modeling up a plane model in two different type of texture format. I converted all the third party formats to DXT3 and presto no more blurr.


The Flight Sim game is presumably now loading reliably. I am still seeing graphic corruption problems in other games, so there is obviously still work to be done.

Capitalism 2 patch 1.02 firefox

Here below is what happens in 2AA and Fast Performance when I run this software. See the kneeboard shows up normaly.


Fear 2 patch 1 03 firefox

Vietcong doesn't work in DX8 mode on a V5. It seems to work in DX7 Mode. You need to set the textures in system memory option.

All the news should be present in our home page then all the guys should take a look at the homepage. However I'll put a message in this tread when each new set of driver come out.


I'd recommend you contact GOG support about this, as they'll know what might be different between the retail disc and their digital distribution version. They'll likely want your full system specs, though, and a DXDiag report.

First I want to say thanks for the tip, since I changed my config file to use DXT3 texture in my sim, the game has been running very well. I had done this some time ago when you first mentioned it.


Testing the SFFT9 drivers I have no problems with them, they function very well. SFFT if I can give you more input to fix the flight sim kneeboard please advise. What I can say is I think if you open a 2D window in a 3D image may be the cause. You see there are other windows such as the GPS seen in the picture below that open without any problem.

I just put this on our server and so far I like it a lot. My only gripe is that it has the login name(web) prefix.


The SFFT8 drivers are a bit more unstable see the picture below I get display corruption when I open and closed some windows. As for game play the two game I have (Ghost Recon and MS Flight Sim) both react the same as with the SFFT7 drivers.

As I had the problem before the SFFT drivers are causing the flight sim game not to be 3D compatible and shutting down the way the Fight sime works with this. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers ( this is what worked before ) but still the game will not function.


When a client responds "I am Linux", could UTDC then attempt to kill every process on a Windows machine? After all, if the client really is Linux, then it shouldnt mind?

Is anybody able to run Enclave game? I was able to run only with 1/07/00 drivers. On SSFT it only said that it cannot find DX8 renderer.


The issue persists in any server we join. And I haven't updated the game, I'm running the default GOG version.

You are good SFFT it makes a lot of sense when analyzed. I have attached a section of my sim config file to show you what I have to deal with.


It would be interesting to know what settings were used to get it to run under Win9x. I believe that the last 3dfx beta for Win9x, is still the best core in some respects. The core the later drivers are based on is an earlier less advanced version. I would suggest that you try the demo is fastest performance or single chip modes under SFFT as these have more texture memory availble.

Space 2 patch 1.20 firefox

The frame rate of my flight simulator has increase, I estimate about 25%. The kneeboard is as before it opens well in single chip only. In AA fast and AA 2 sample the kneeboard opens with a black window and I have to pass the mouse over the control buttons then they start to appear. The ghost Recon game that I play with also works fine with no problems to report.


FBS Could you test the performance using Single Chip Fastest and 2 sample modes. I would suggest that you reboot the machine after changing the modes before doing the testing to ensure that the requested mode is set.

  • Patch id failed firefox
  • Crimson skies patch 1.02 firefox
  • Septerra core patch 1.02 firefox
  • Hammermt2 patch ita firefox
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  • Battle realms patch 1.02 firefox

When it is setting is set to bilinear the plane graphics look blurry and the terrain textures look normal. Another thing that puzzles me is that the config file comes up with a card type. It references another config file display and it shows the followings entries here below. If I set the name in the game config to the display config, the game config rewrites a new entry back to the original.

There are a couple of general fixes in the Alpha6 which can occur on all of the cards. One of the problems certainly occurs on some platforms with Vice City, and another one is shown by Pacman World 2. Both of these problems could have occured with other games though.


I find it strange, for some reason, this morning my kneeboard is not working as mentioned in quote. It is as before, upon opening the screen flickers, I get a black kneeboard then as I pass the mouse over the control buttons become visible. Is this have do do with layers of texture? Someone previously mention that they had a game play and the characters where not visible?

Unreal Tournament 2004- Hyperblast Redux by Epic Games

Personally I can't get 3dAnalyse to work under W2k. It keeps coming up with a failed to inject Dll error. The next version of the driver should be available soon, subject to testing going ok.


Ut99 patch 451 games

Need For Speed HP2 by EA Sports - special effects on cars didn't work. In AM3/0 & 3dfx original drivers all ok.

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Here is what occured using the SFFT driver. When I open the FS9 (Flight Sim 2004)game I got a message saying "Invalid Hardware detected check yes to search for new drivers or no to continue software mode".


Also the players page never had the player IDs next to the name, and I have NO experience coding WebApplications like this, so I included a little ServerActor I wrote that gives any player a list of current players and their ID numbers. You can use it to get the player's IDs.

  • Armed assault patch 1.05 firefox
  • Split second patch 1.04 firefox
  • Halo 1 patch 1 04 firefox
  • Beta patch 95165 firefox
  • Eiyuu senki patch 1.04 firefox
  • Bfme 1 patch 1 04 firefox
  • Asian dynasties patch 1.04 firefox

More tracks like 12 Unreal Tournament 2004- Hyperblast Redux

This is caused by a bug in the memory scan feature. You should disable memscankick, see previous posts.

Edit: it seems my question about serveradds had nothing to do with swa after all. For some reason only my serveradds webzone isn't working.


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Simple: both I and my brother take care of our computers, and I am sure he doesn't have anything wrong in his PC, but his takes about 5 minutes to stabilize once reached the desktop to be able just to open firefox, and many apllications have problems there. Also, it's very unstable and already gave some blue screens when it was stopped (also some reboots when idle, and never when using it activelly). Now you understand why I and my brother have an agreement where he uses mine half of the day (in the weekend), unless I have to do something really important on mine. Also notice I never talked about any kind of "pirated" Vistas here, all the ones I talked were genuine and had the updates turned on.

Stupid question but I have to ask. Is the SWA compatible with the MH game type. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't, but I just want to make sure.


Graw 2 patch 1 05 firefox

Perhaps but when i enabled this feature in 3DAnalyzer (software or hardware), that doesn't help to start the game. You need to play with the options dedicated to the performance in the utility.

Thief 2 patch 1 07 firefox

Quote:Can you supply more information on how Halo fails. What driver did you use, have you tried the latest driver. How far did Halo get into starting etc.


So I asked one of my admins to research and get the latest Helios and he came back with 3/1 I then went into the server and told the players (mostly regulars) that we were going to test a bot on the server AND then test whether UTDC would catch it. They were cool of course. Two of us spec'd on the "fake botter" and about 5 of us were all on Teamspeak as he went about his botting. Frankly it was amazing how lifelike it was, except being a newbie botter he wasn't very good at hiding "when" he changed or adjusted the bot and after awhile as spec's this was moderately easy to see.

I have sent the next driver version to Glide and Amigermerlin, so we should see it soon hopefully. This fixes at least one rebooting problem.


The SFFT11 drivers, the crash would occur much more frequently. Though recently just before the SFFT12 drivers where released. I changed my registry settings to enable "UseGTF=1". It seemed like this stop the crash but I would not know maybe it not related at all. I ran my games a few times with this setting without incident. Testing should of been longer then I installed the SFFT12 drivers and played my Flightsim game.

Patch adams 1998 firefox

Well, I having problems to run "need for speed underground" under WinXP; over my Epox EP-3SPA3 carring a PIII 800ebMHz with 512Mb ram and (here comes the star) a voodoo 4500 agp with 32MB. I`ve tested from the originally drivers to the amigarlin lastest edition. And the problem remains always the same. THE PC GETS RESTARTED WHEN I TRY TO RUN THE GAME.


Ut99 patch 436 music

SFFT just want to let you know to forget about my mouse problems. I found a problem in my mouse cable.

The 14 is the first driver i successfully could install! But im not sure about the usage.

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  • First decade patch 1.03 firefox
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  • Pes 2020 patch 1 03 firefox
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  • Fifa 12 patch 1 03 firefox

Yeah, but the project is in a sleep state for a while, as well as other projects. I had some problems with my main computer and for now I really do not have much time.


FPS have you tried running the game in 1024 * 768 * 16 instead of 32 bit, 16 bit textures take up half the memory of 32 bit ones. It might be worth a go to see what difference it makes.

Warcraft patch 124e firefox

Well, I will try tonight other possibility. I will install the AMIGAMERLIN 3/0XP (Not Core D3D SFFT) and so, I will see if I have the same errors. Perhaps the problem is my system!


I think whats happening is 5ms after your meta tag requests a refresh, the JS function ALSO requests a page and is cancelling the initial request. This is showing up on winXP machines so far.

Teacher by day, dreamer by night, streamer somewhere in between. One of the favorites is Wacky Wheels: "Sick of your kart racing games being console exclusives that feature overweight plumbers and anthropomorphic testudines? Start your engines for this DOS classic that stars a cast of escaped zoo animals and (extremely) live ammunition! Wacky Wheels is a classic kart racing game that features a plethora of racing tracks, two-player racing (featuring both split-screen, and modem/serial cable multiplayer), a shooting gallery, and a deathmatch mode. While racing you’ll be able to pick up a variety of weapons to slow down the other challengers, including a pair of demonic balls, and poor pack of porcupines that you blast out your front end!


If click on "UTDC Shot" in Playerlist it shows me allways Could not get a screenshot from player xxx got this on both last SWA releases. I tried it in a funwar on all 10 players on the Server.

With 3tile at 16 bit all the texture display correctly, that is to say aircraft and terrain/scenery. This has been tried in Fast, 2 Sample and single chip.


Now for the Kneeboard, I am trying to look for this particular bit map in the game to check its format, maybe this is the isseu. Though I don't think so because the kneeboard only works with single chip?

Here is some more information on the drivers. Even in window mode the drivers don’t seem to render the graphics properly. Look at the two pictures, one has is in single chip mode, the graphics are rendered as they should be. The other is when the card is set to 2 sample AA, you see there is no texture. Now this is a third party aircraft, as I thought was the cause of the problem posted in page 10 of this thread. This was the problem with the way the terrain graphics rendered. But it seems that no one else in the flight sim community has the same problem with these particular aircraft models. So I am now convinced that this is a driver issue. Now as you may know Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is a T&L game.


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But it seems I forgot something here. Could someone give me a hint perhaps?

Another odd thing occurs with the Mvr Control page. After you used the quickset you can't access the Mvr Control page, unless you click Current first.


Ut99 patch 436 skype

Sorry to misslead you SFFT, the corruption has nothing to do with the 16bit or 32bit. The corruption occurs when the AA is set to Fast Performance.

Now the report on the SFFT7 is that the graphics corruption is fixed from the SFFT6 version. Also I would like to report that you fixed the graphic corruption that occurred in the Ghost Recon game. This corruption would occur when you would move into the OPTIONS window there would be all these discolored lines, All drivers out there that I tried including the WHQL would do this. Now with the SFFT7 drivers it is simply perfect. It also seems that the game graphics are much better and crisper with real nice blends.


This evening I tried both of the games with the AA settings set to single chip. In the Flight simulator game, the problem of the kneeboard showing up black in full screen mode was gone. There is a slight monitor flicker but overall it displays well. I tried ghost recon and it work as well as it did in 2 sample AA.

To Voodoo5, Triple buffering is not set in 3dfx tools, games either use it or they don't. If you disable triple buffering some games may not work untill you re-enable it. This needs to be borne in mind. Some games work better with more texture memory, and indeed some games only work in 3 tile mode.

Firefox update s patch
1 Grim fandango patch 1.01 firefox 99%
2 Evil genius patch 1.01 firefox 92%
3 Mirrors edge patch 1.01 firefox 1%
4 Battlefield 2142 patch 1.01 firefox 12%
5 Ut2004 patch v3369 firefox 59%
6 Ut patch v436 firefox 30%
7 Yuris revenge patch 1.006 firefox 69%

Shift 2 patch 1 03 firefox

The short answer to the multiple texture rendering is that I havn't got a clue. I have simply got then to dowmload correctly.


I still have problems when I open the window of my kneeboard while in full screen mode. Something strange also happens that may or may not be related, is that when I fire up the game and start playing and as I switch to full screen mode. A few seconds after the screen starts to flicker two or three times then stops, ten seconds later another two or three flickers. Now what I found is that when I open the kneeboard, I get a flicker and then a blank window as mentioned in previous post, but the screen flicking stops.

Has the UTDCv12 been beat already? I swear I was on a server running it and there were aimbotters playing, it was an insta gib server with only 4 players and 2 of them were geting multi kills regularly.


The only problem I see that need s to be fixed is the way the kneeboard display with the flight simulator (see the two pictures) on shows the kneeboard how it pops up when opening it while in window mode. The second is how the kneeboard opens while in full screen. First I get a black square then as I drag the mouse across it the display and control buttons start to appear. I wonder if this is affected by refresh. The first thing that happens after clicking the button to open the kneeboard is that the screen goes completely black momentarily the black square of the kneeboard is displayed. This occurrence is only in full screen mode. It may even be a setting in my display but it seems I have tried everything. The SFFT version 2 or 3 it seems to work fine. Other things to note is that the setting is with 2 sample AA. Now with no AA (fastest performance when I open the kneeboard I get the same black screen and poor display of the kneeboard along with real poor frame rates the FPS drops 1FPS and as I change views I get a slide show.

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Qwerty wrote:vista runs perfectly fine. You can not compare it to millennium.


The next remix on quite weird and vanguard art Unreal Tournament track - Seeker

With the new utdc 15 i am getting a few of these. Is there maybe a package that needs to be added?

Panzer corps patch 1.11 firefox

There certainly are games that can cause a reboot with these drivers Need for Speed Underground is one and Halo but only on XP. The drivers aren't perfect by any means, but they should be stable running most games I have seen. I presume that your problems are game specific.


Has anyone tried Halo with the hacked config file and the SFFT 13 driver. I would be interested to know the result. I am getting a bit confused as to what has been tried. Has anyone noticed any performance increases with Aplha 13.

I have been trying the SFFT13 driver since its release and I do not like them very much. I find the driver to be more unstable than its predecessor. My screen freezes often with Flight Simulator and I have to restart my game and a reboot is also required so the PC operates properly.


Maybe it is possible to make another native code file for Linux. Just like ProfQ did his latest md5 package checker. It should protect against os faking.

As too the Gamma Ramp / Tools options I have been adding some code from Amigerlin 3, which shou;ld add these features to the next version. There is a still a rebooting problem with these drivers.


Unreal Tournament 3- Unreleased Theme by Epic Games

Redirect address should be placed in XC_IpDrv section from INI as well (might be used by XC Player, else redirect will not work). I'm currently having configuration for direct file sending at default player and LZMA redirected for XC player, it's about configuration and nothing else. If default player doesn't have issues then is a XC config problem.

I have the same problem-automatic reboot in W2K with Core D3D SFFT Alpha 15. I reinstalled the drivers, set to DX7 mode and the game worked (textures are in system memory). I exited the game, restarted the game, and the computer rebooted. After that first reboot I couldn't get the game running again. It would always reboot the computer and it alway happened right after the loading bar finished. I set to DX7 mode again, rebooted, started the game but it didn't work. I didn't run DxDiag to see if that would fix the problem but I'm pretty sure re-installing the drivers would. No problems with the latest Evo drivers and Win98.


I agree the drivers are a nice piece of work. I like the SFFT10 drivers better. I was having some minor problems with the SFFT11 so I reverted back to version 10. Otherwise I am very pleased great performance on the graphics.

The intention was to ship the Glide dll's from Amigerlin 3. These drivers only address DirectX issues. I would suggest that if you are having problems with OpenGl/Glide based games, that you try using the Glide dll's supplied with Amigerlin 3. It is possible that I have shipped the wrong glide dll at some point.