Warlords III: Darklords Rising, a really nice strategy game sold in 1998 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! Time to play a fantasy, turn-based, compilation / shovelware, rpg elements and wargame video game title.

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This mission gives a close approximation to the online dogfighting. Try to shoot down the enemy before they shoot you!


To adjust the Flight and Offline Mission options, select Setup from the Main menu, and then the Flight tab. Also see“Offline Missions” on page 33.

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Snap View: The default view is the Snap view. This is when you press a key, or move the joystick hat and the view "snaps" to that position. When you release the key, or joystick hat, the view returns to the front.


When online, right-click (Ctrl + click for Macs) on Carriers or any drone blips to join as a gunner. Your location is indicated by parentheses, [F5] for example.

Jump in your Ju88A-4 and try to torpedo the fleet. See “Torpedo Attacks” on page 74 for more information on setting up a torpedo attack.


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The chute opens automatically at 500 feet, but to open it earlier, press Enter three times in a row again. The chute falls very slowly and there is no way out of it until you land, so opening at high altitudes is not recommended unless you have a lot of time on your hands and want to enjoy the view.

The number beneath the label tells you how far away the target is in hundreds of yards. If your guns are set to converge at 500 yards, that is the range you want to be close to.


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The Map is used to find the nearest action in the air. Each sector on the Map is 20 miles across.

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Triple Buffering improves the smoothness of the graphics, but it can be system intensive. You may find your framerate drops when it is selected.

A related application of asymmetric-key cryptography is the hash function

The Private Arena feature is primarily for Special events, and Private arenas can only be enabled by Community Managers (CMs). When a Private Arena has been set up for an event, all those participating are notified of the password.


Locate the action and set a course for that general area. As you approach, scan the skies to locate friends and foes. Friends are the same color as you, enemies are not.

When you release the key, or joystick hat, the view returns to the front

The brakes cause the nose to fall forward. Releasing them or pulling up on the joystick corrects this.



Speed mode: Press Shift + X to put the autopilot in speed mode. The autopilot attempts to maintain the speed of the plane, by climbing or descending, as necessary.

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Chatting using the keyboard is the preferred method of communication in WarBirds III, as everyone has access to it. English is the language employed by most pilots, but pilots from many other countries also fly. Have patience with these players, English is not their first language, and they are probably asking for help. Help them if you can, or ask others to do so.

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This manual and the WarBirds III program are copyrighted and contain proprietary information. No one may give or sell copies of this manual or other works of iEntertainment Network, to any person or institution, except as provided for by written agreement with the copyright holder.

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The Plane Selection screen is the default screen when you first enter the game. If it is not already in view, exit the Setup screens by selecting OK or Cancel, or select the Plane tab from the top of the Selection screens.

Input Mapper within the WarBirds III setup dialog. This explains why the button graphics within the calibrator screen display a red crossed circle. WarBirds III does not use Input Sprockets to map functions to keys.


Pan to Snap View: Pan to Snap is when pressing a key or joystick hat the view pans around and stops at the view position. For example, pressing 2 on the numpad pans the view from the front to the side and then to the rear.

Before launching WarBirds III set your Windows Display Settings to High Color (16 bit) or higher. When WarBirds III is launched, the 3D Device Selector window is displayed.