One thing which is going to help is that the updates are only available from the Matrix site. I don't think that the script kiddies have the patience to be around then to pirate those patches too.

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How will it be handeled if two SPs with different levels of supply are on a railway hex? Say i have one with 30 in Berlin and one with 20 in Rome on a Europe Map. Both SPs are on a railline and connected through this railline.


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This will give you a start towards Kasserine, deny the enemy defensive positions on the first ridge line along the way and is about as far as you'd get with nothing in the way anyway. If they try to counterattack great- try playing as Allies against the PO and see if you'd really try and take out these Panzer Grenadiers on turn 1 given how much of a force you have, especially once you've just 'seen the elephant' as follows on turn 1.

Operational Art of War IV

This shows Engineering and Rail Repair values of individual units. You can clearly see which units have engineering and rail repair capability.


Everyone else conducts airfield attacks against the Allied Air Force stack, except StG 87- leave on Rest. I'd suggest you don't get tempted to do anything else with StG87- it might get to its destination first to be met by (and slaughtered by) Hurricanes before your other planes have hit their airfield. The reason for holding this unit back is that I just find keeping one fresh unit in reserve for round 2 of turn 1's combat tends to finish the job- after round 1 most Allied Air Cover is back on the ground reorganizing and demoralized.

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Yeah, I don't buy the reasoning implying that some of those pirates will eventually get stuck and buy the game. It's simply not good as the ones to pay the price, one way or the other (heavier copy protection schemes in the future or less development for the game), shall be the legit gamers.


Bolo patch 4 0

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Another advantage of eliminating these enemy units on turns 1 and 2 is that it drastically (I think) reduces and hopefully eliminates enemy reconnaissance in the main battle area and this is important when you get to the ridge line east of Kasserine- the enemy will be wondering which flank you might attempt to turn- will it be north or south? If he doesn't know or isn't sure it may force him to de-concentrate his assets. This is all without mentioning the obvious VPs (Victory Points) gained for enemy losses.


I ran further tests against this stack to see the results at the 3 different settings- minimize, limit and ignore losses. The results (losses) would indicate little difference between the 3 given that the loss setting determines how many missions are conducted in that round of combat.

Do I need some graphics updates as well? I have backed up the original scenario files, should I restore them?


We noticed in D21 that in northern Finland, where we purposefully made supply horrible, that there was now no supply. I could guess that this is because of the movement factor calculation included in 3/4 supply rules. Not a problem at all, just mentioning it because if anyone made a scenario that included horrible supply, if they run that scenario under the 3/4 'new supply' rules, it might go from horrible to, um. more horrible. In that case a supply point adjustment can be done, or maybe running the 'high supply' option?

I'm not clear about your other questions so I will not offer anything there. Are you designing something or just trying to get a better understanding of your opponent?


Most games have a very short market frame, from the time they hit the street you have about 6 month (or less) to sell as many copies as possible because after that your game will be 'old' and the gamers will move on to the next-generation games. TOAW is different, look at its age, and it's still selling!

Shattered Unit Change - Patch 100.11

I saw generals create imaginary "masses of manoeuvre" with a crayon and dispose of enemy concentrations, that were on the ground and on the map, with an eraser. Who was I to criticise them, hero as I was of a hundred "Chinagraph wars" of make-believe?


This contains 415 scenarios converted by the “TOAW Legacy Project” and stored on the Game Squad File Depot in 42 separate files. I took the liberty of downloading them all, and then combining them in a single file for ease of downloading.

But in the last half of the game, I got no resupply. The aircraft were moved to the city like the tutorial slides say and they never resupplied. I kept check the route and there wasn't anything blocking them.


KG- 21 Panzer: 39,25->35,23 then on to 36,21. DON'T take the AI (Artifical Intelligence) suggested route (I quite often find better routes myself) as it might subject you to a disengagement penalty- the route suggested will save you 2 MPs.

So, players are motivated to try to keep the AR >= to 100. That means ant-unit tactics won't work anymore (we hope).

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Don't split your force too much and go for both. Choose one avenue to approach Kasserine and go for it, but make sure a unit or so goes for the other- he'll be forced to send something to counter.



Here you go. This was the last auto save. I renamed it. This is at the start of Yugo turn 15.


The changes are evolutionary - not revolutionary. The difference will vary depending not only upon the nature of the scenario units TO&E, but also, in no small part, on the play styles of the people playing the game.


This password protected archive contains eleven scenarios that were created by Tim McBride/Stauffenberg many years ago. They're considered some of the best scenarios for TOAW. Unfortunately, they've been offline for years, as per the author's wishes.

I only noticed one major AI mistake by now (not really sure if its a mistake of FoW), but its still sending Carrier attacks to Midway. Sometimes much larger then before (60+ dive bombers + fighters), but sometimes only some nates + 10-15 dive bombers.

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Now, as we conclude The Operational Art of War III, we are also taking a new step to continue the series into the future. Publisher Matrix Games and the TOAW (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=5181) Development Team have been working behind the scenes for nearly two years to take this landmark brand to new heights.


This shows minor and major ferry values of individual units. This is useful for movement planning.

I think I'm getting the hang of it now. I still don't understand why the first line in the objective track is red and the others Blue.


From here on in I can't specify much else given that combat results vary. Make sure you maintain the encirclement at all times- use Limited Attack if you need some firepower without the unit having to move. And don't worry about enemy turn 1 here- there is NO (repeat NO) chance of rescue. What I can say with some exactitude is that you should be able to mop up any remnants in round 1 combat on turn 2 and turn towards Kasserine singing a hearty 'Deutschland uber Alles'- you have a significant 'quick win' under your belt that should give the enemy pause for thought plus you now have total mastery of the skies.

If you come within 2 hexes of 17,9 there is a 75% chance that British forces will arrive at 28,0. It's doubtful this will happen very early in the game- usually later when your men are exhausted but winning. The last thing you need is fresh reinforcements bearing down on your (presumably by now) right flank. Avoid triggering this event like the plague. Be aware also that your enemy may try and force a retreat to trigger this.


I can't answer for all cases, but maybe in the hopes that the formation will cover some territory as opposed to heading in a straight line. The best way to try and get the PO to conquer all territory is to assign objectives to each hex. You could have objective 1 at hex 0/22, and objective 2 at hex 39/22. This will leave the PO on it's own to determine the best route to take from 1 to 2. Or you could place one objective in each of the 39 hexes, hoping that Elmer will take your advice (not always true).

You also need to be aware that the more rounds you try for, the more likely you are to fail a proficiency check and have your round end. This would tend to favour the Ignore Losses setting for air attack.


If you have some ground attacks to conduct at the start of your turn that might burn up 1 round (10%) of your turn you should use minimize loss setting for air. If the ground combat does take the expected 10%, you've flown only the one mission that you expected.

I've found that I've been playing a lot using the iPad and software called iTap RDP. It allows me to log in to my computer from the iPad. I can easily move units around, zoom in and out (using the iPad) and plan attacks. There are some things like setting the loss level, or putting units into reserve status which need to be done from menus, but a good 80% of what I do doesn't need the menu popped up each time, and I can always right-click on the unit to do those things. It's got some issue, but I'm not sure how many are due to the iPad, my learning how to use it, or the other things.

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I don't suppose there was any thought given to having half of the movement points 'regenerate' at the end of each turn, eh? Meaning a unit that was pushed around to max MP would be penalized for that, but also given a chance to retreat, as well?


Converted Scenarios from Older Versions of TOAW

In this mode, you can tell exactly how far DBRs extend. But the ranges tend to merge together so that it can be hard to tell what unit is creating which DBR if all DBRs are shown. That’s why we’ve made both modes available via this Editor.

Supply, readiness and proficiency direct affect the attack and defense strengths of units. So, these still factor into the AR ratios and calculations. What is essentially happening is that a test is being made between the relative *effective* strengths of the active equipment and the outcome of that test is determining multiple effects regarding the bombardment strengths involved in the combat. Poor AR ratios will result in supported bombardments being much less effective than previously, in terms of losses taken, as well as supply usage.


IvPanzer Mark IV (PzKfwIV) German Battle Tanks. Not nearly as good as the Panzer Mark VI (PzKfwVI) model (Tiger), but still good all the same.

Bandwidth costs money, it isn't free. It costs me just to have mundane residential DSL service, 45 bucks a month. The idea, I would pay 45 bucks a month, just so I could upload files, is really a weird notion.


Range Limits: Ranged units can have their nominal ranges player limited. This can be used to tailor bomber ranges to match fighter cover ranges or to make units with multiple range equipment operate within the range of the shortest-ranged equipment. The DBR will reflect the modified range.

The Operational Art of War IV started as an update intended to be TOAW III version 3/5, but when we were able to re-start full development on the series, it allowed us to do much more in the way of significant improvements than we had originally considered and it kept growing until it became a full release plan. As a result, we’ve invested the time and resources to continue the series while also continuing support for TOAW III and the TOAW (investigate this site) community in the form of this update. As many bug fixes as possible, basically anything that was not too tightly intertwined with new features and code, were removed from the Operational Art of War IV process and are included in this 3/4.1/9 release.


The modeling of ships has been improved. Instead of treating ships as a single piece of equipment, like a gun or a squad, they are now treated as complex systems that incur damage in combat. Ships have new armor, durability, accuracy, speed, and agility parameters.

But post-round 2 and given terrain you're not going to get much further and, all things considered, I'd recommend attacking these two positions with everything remaining available on the ground using Limit Losses- hit them hard and they may well be reorganizing on their turn. Also some terrain may require more than 2 MPs remaining for an attack and trying to finesse rounds here may mean you won't have them (or their flank attack advantage) when you need them. This pretty much ensures the round ends. This has the added advantage of you being able to place with total certainty ALL (assuming the Allied Air Force is destroyed) air on interdiction for the check at the beginning of next turn to start throttling enemy supply lines/values. If you haven't destroyed the enemy air yet just leave one air unit on Air Superiority for security and go back and finish the job next turn.


The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Lastly set up the same identical air attacks again as on round 1- this time add in StG 87 with an airfield attack also. JG 1/53 and II/53 should remain on Air Superiority missions.

Aside from the hex mentioned as regards Sebitla, there are a number of others on the map that are worth taking possession of. Using these is a trade off between having them haul their asses up there (it takes generally all movement), thereby not being available for other duties during the turn and the intelligence a look around can gain you. Sometimes this is vital in seeing enemy concentrations behind the line or looking for weak spots. Sometimes it is worth moving up, taking a look and then moving the same unit somewhere next turn based on data gained. An example of this would be 30,9 as mentioned in section 9/2 on Sebitla. If you can see few units on the plain north to Rohia it might be worth making a dash for Sbiba and possibly Thala. Reconnaissance units would be best for this type of scouting, as well as best for making any sudden dashes behind enemy flanks or lines.


This is the Stack AP & DF display. This shot shows the cumulative AP and DF strengths in each stack. You can imagine the value to players that this view will have.

I've tried to write this as a guide to beginners (which I still am myself), particularly as relates to getting more than one combat round per turn. Writing this was a pleasure in that I feel I am finally returning something of the effort that others put into documents that- while I was still learning the intricacies of the TOAW system- I was grateful to stumble upon and find useful myself.


As units move, the values increase until, when all movement allowance has been expended, the value will be 10. (Timestamp is the combat round that the unit is on). Note that it takes quite a number of clicks to go from the first option to the timestamp. However, right-clicking the button cycles in reverse. So a right-click can take you from the first option directly to the sixth one.

Adjacent ranged units will now bombard when assigned to an attack. Note that this will improve naval combat.


I'd be interested in hearing any alternative Strategy & Tactics or others' thoughts on this scenario. If you have any questions yourselves regarding the above, please feel free to contact me.

TOAW III Project Manager

If you expect the ground combat to go 3 rounds, you should set air to ignore losses- this way they fly 3 missions and your ground and air combats are now maximized in terms of efficiency- no time is wasted by either ground or air units. Obviously if the ground combat only takes 10% (1 round) and your air is on ignore losses, you've wasted some ground combat time.


This is assuming you DIDN'T get an RBC as discussed earlier (Section 2/2 Lucky Strike Against Jebel Ksaira). MAKE SURE 1/5 Panzer is placed on LIMITED Attack, as you DON'T want it to enter the vacated hex- it is needed to maintain the encirclement of 3/168 Infantry and 175 Artillery north of Jebel Gareh Hadid. This gives you a flank attack advantage and will hopefully finish off the engineers.

I have never seen copies as something bad for the gaming industry. A lot of succesfull hits are games or softwares that have been copied a lot.

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This pack contains twelve scenarios that were published on the included CD-ROMs with the French wargaming magazine Cyberstratege from 1997 to 2000 (when the magazine ceased publication). Each individual ZIP contains the original scenario file from the magazine, along with converted versions (to run in TOAW3).


Now there are six options that will be cycled through. The first and fifth options are the same as under the Basic Defaults. But now there are four new options: One stack option, a fording option, an engineering option, and a Unit Time Stamp option. Six options are the max that can be active, and two is the minimum. The check boxes can activate/deactivate four of the options.

What this means is that an air unit on, say, ignore losses will conduct 3 combat missions in that round of combat, assuming it passes communications/proficiency checks to make each of those attacks. At 10% of your turn each mission, just conducting this ignore loss mission will burn up 30% of your turn.


The Operational Art of War III receives a final update and a sequel

If you have Company A, developing Product X, and there are some people who work on that Product, either as volunteers, outside beta testers, or paid professionals, then I have every right to expect info about Product X to appear FIRST and foremost on Company A's website and forums. That for me is basic netiquette and business culture if you will. Yes they should be "forced" to post here by their bosses from Matrix, because it's Matrix professionalism and goodwill that's at stake.

COW was absolutely pirated, Bloodstar, and quickly. We used SafeDisc ourselves way back when and it was no real hindrance. There's no copy protection on the market these days that really slows them down.


See all details for OPERATIONAL ART OF WAR 3 III

Just to determine the AR and thereby what set of benefits are received. When combat is then actually resolved, all equipment and factors are employed as before.

About The Operational Art of War IV

My comments are my own, and do not represent the views of any other person or entity. Nothing that I say should be construed in any way as a promise of anything.


Norm Koger's The Operational Art Of War III

Edit: I think armored vehicles benefit from the vehicle defense multiplier only. The statement in the manual about anti-armor defense strength multipliers is incorrect, if I remember correctly. But my memory is kind of vague about it.

This varies between scenarios as the tracks are set by the designer. Some tracks are set with the full intention of making a game of it. Some tracks are set only to meet certain requirements and will therefore not make a game of it.


Before you attack anything on the ground, but after you've moved everything, start finishing the air war once and for all. Set all air on limit losses- see section 10 for rationale.

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Sea Interdiction can now be employed by aircraft, ships, and coastal guns. Ships subjected to sea interdiction fire counterbattery back (or, in the case of carriers, counterstrikes).


I never said they should "post only here" I said post here first. If they want to discuss at length whatever they please, with their old buddies elsewhere they are of course free to do so. But Matrix web is the only official place for Matrix products.

Here is a shot from my Soviet Union 1941 scenario. The units are displaying the first option of individual unit AP and DF.


The first phase of the Axis Strategic Plan called for a limited invasion of Eastern Russia. This was executed in SCENARIO I, "THE MANCHURIAN AFFAIR" where Japan succeeded in taking both Khabarovsk and Vladivostok.

It may work with single player games too, I don't remember. It doesn't work with PBEM, but I'm pretty sure that you can export the OOB for your side in XML.


Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something but, it seems as though I'm being told that I should always attack at 1 to 1 or better with only raw unit strengths being the qualifier. Supply, readiness and proficiency are thrown out. If I don't do this I stand to suffer penalties. Is that an incorrect assumption?