A patch is a patch even if it's for an older game. Epic Games today released a new patch for UT2003 for Linux and OS X. The patch includes numerous OpenGL, OpenAL, and Unix fixes.

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  • So an installation program just stores whatever you entering on prompt for key in a file /ut2003/System/cdkey

IOSS 2008 Beta 1.0 - A Mod for International Online Soccer: Source

Note that you should perform a trace first and ensure a TerrainInfo is returned. Call the function at the trace's hit location. Static projectors such as tree shadows have their data precomputed and the shadow will not move if you dig a hole in terrain beneath them.

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Sound, FireWire and USB2/0 features were tested and found to be working as specified. It's kind of nice when everything works first time. As mentioned previously, the PSU began to give off a high-pitched squeaking sound after a few hours of OS load. The 'problem' didn't go away after extended use.


I've parused the different threads regarding the issue with ut2003 (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=1823) and the version 2225 patch making the sound quit working, but i haven't come accross a clear answer. I would really like to know if anyone has found a solution to this problem.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Patch
1 Unreal Tournament 2003 Dedicated Server Patch 23%
2 Download UT2003 Patch 2225 for Windows 39%
3 Torchlight patch 1.16 games 54%
4 Hegemonia patch 1 09 games 59%
5 Timeshock patch 1 07 games 35%
6 Spellcross patch 1.07 games 49%
7 Ut2003 patch 2225 adobe 66%
8 Ut2003 patch 2225 music 38%
9 Ut2003 patch 2225 skype 61%

If your weapon stops firing, type getweaponstats at the console. Then, continue trying to fire your weapon, so more stats can be gotten. Both client and server must be upgraded to this patch.

From the official UT2K3 website:It appears that some of the manuals are printed in Orange Font. Please note that this was a mistake.


Sniper rifle faster firing, no secondary hit damage. Bio charged up damage relatively lower (countered general weapon damage increase). Flak alt fires up a little more.

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Bio charged up damage relatively lower (countered general weapon damage increase). Flak alt fires up a little more. Translauncher more ammo, recharges faster, transbeacon fired up more FOV and eyeheight adjusted - added configurable properties to UTClassic to control double jumping. These are all enabled by default.

This is a dedicated server only version of UT2003 (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/ut2003-patch-2225-games.zip). It contains ucc-bin and the minimum files required to host games for retail UT2003 players.


I have a legal copy and sure my key is ok. And yes, i updated it to 2225. Trying to run it as user or as root doesn't change anything, still a same error.

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Running Mandrake 10 Official with latest (6111) NVidia drivers. My graphic card is GeForce 4 MX 440.

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