Download Ulead MediaStudio Pro For Pc Free Download – A feature-packed software utility that provides users with advanced technology and creative tools for the editing of digital videos Professional multimedia editor with support for both analog and digital sources Ulead Media Studio Pro 8 is your professional tool for video editing. Import video from nearly any digital and analogue source, mix clips, add audio, text, insert both visual and audio effects, and finally export sequences in almost any format. Its choice of built-in tools will allow you to edit your pictures, your audio clips, your video sequences, and create new ones!

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Page 185 This program is called a codec. Color Clip A simple background color used in a movie. It is often used for titles and credits since they stand out clearly against the solid color. Composite Video A video signal that combines luminance and chrominance.


Or, select one of the preset movie templates. These templates let you create a movie file that is suitable for the Web or for output to DVD, SVCD or VCD. Note: To check current project settings, select File: Project Properties.

Tip: If you have a wheel mouse, its scroll wheel can be used to scroll through the Timeline. Audio View Audio View allows you to visually adjust the volume levels of video, voice and music clips.


Asure Software is a software company. Prior to September 13, 2007, the company was known as Forgent Networks.

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The project timeline The project timeline at the lower part of the VideoStudio Editor window is where you assemble your movie project. There are three types of views for displaying the project timeline: Storyboard, Timeline, and Audio View.


VideoStudio Editor provides a step-by-step workflow that makes creating movies simple and easy. This section introduces you to the VideoStudio Editor interface and briefly explains the steps involved in creating a movie. Refer to the succeeding chapters for more in-depth information on each step. The user interface 1 Step Panel Contains buttons that correspond to the different steps in video editing.

Note: If you opened the VideoStudio Wizard within VideoStudio Editor, clicking Next will skip the last step and directly insert the clips onto the Timeline in the VideoStudio Editor. Step 3: Finish Select how to output the final movie: Click Create Video File to output your movie as a video file that can be played back on the computer.


Page 147 ULEAD VIDEOSTUDIO USER GUIDE corresponding thumbnail on the Timeline. Select File name only if you want your clip to be represented by its file name on the Timeline. Or you can select Thumbnail and file name to have your clip represented by its corresponding thumbnail and file name.

If you will be capturing video for playback on the computer, set the field order to Frame-based. Otherwise, choose either Upper Field First or.


The process stops when the last segment in the task list is captured. A report is displayed for your reference. Capturing still images In addition to video, VideoStudio also allows you to capture still images.

This also gives you an actual size preview of your movie using the entire screen of either a PC or TV monitor. You can only output your project on a DV camcorder if your project is using a DV AVI template.


The advantage of Type-1 is that the DV data does not need to be processed, and is stored in its exact original format. The advantage of Type-2 is that it is compatible with video software that is not specially written to recognize and process Type-1 files.

Page 61 To do this, select a system defined profile and then click Copy. Select the created copy of the profile and then click Edit to modify the attributes. Clicking Edit invokes Edit Profile.


Page 89 In the Motion & Filter tab, enter a value in Transparency. The higher the value the more transparent the overlay clip. Note: Transparency cannot be applied to an overlay clip that has fade-in/out type of motion. To add a border around the current overlay clip: In the Motion &.

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These are utilities integrated with Ulead (check) VideoStudio that allow the program to recognize capture devices and automatically detect them when they are connected to the computer. Clip A short section or part of a movie. A clip can be audio, video, still images or a title.


Customize the first page of the album. To change the image on the page, select a preset from Album page templates, or select Custom album page then import your own image.

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Page 21 ULEAD VIDEOSTUDIO USER GUIDE Connecting a TV antenna to the tuner card A tuner card has a TV antenna input just like the regular television monitor. Plug your TV antenna to the TV connector of the tuner card.


Adding clips to the Video Track You only work on the Video Track when you are in the Edit Step. On the Video Track, you can insert three types of clips: video, image and color clips.

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Miyakawa and mixed by Dean Hurley. Idem Paris was shot on high definition digital video, presented in black-and-white and released on YouTube.


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Ulead MediaStudio Pro - You can easily access the capture log from the View menu of the application
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Capturing still images in the Edit Step A still image can be captured in the Edit Step by selecting a specific frame in the Timeline and saving it as an image file. In this manner, possible distortions are avoided since the image is not acquired from a running video, unlike in the Capture Step.

Project Properties serve as your template for previewing your movie projects. The project settings in the Project Properties dialog box determine the appearance and quality of a project when it is previewed on-screen. To customize project settings, select File: Project Properties.


When you load or add an audio track from an audio CD into the Library or Timeline, VideoStudio converts the CDA audio file to WAV. The converted file is saved in your working folder.

Page 39 Timeline View Timeline View gives you the most comprehensive display of the elements in your movie project. It divides a project into separate tracks for video, overlay, title, voice, and music. Timeline View allows you to perform frame-accurate editing of your clips.


The Library The Library is a storage depot for everything you need to create a movie: video clips, video filters, audio clips, still images, transition effects, music files, titles and color clips. These are collectively known as media clips.

Selecting a profile The quality of a WMV file depends on the profile it is using. A Profile covers various attributes for a Windows Media Format file such as bit rate, number and type of streams, compression quality, frame size and so on.


Page 189 Mark In/Out Points in a clip that have been marked for editing and trimming purposes. A section can be selected from a longer clip by setting its beginning (Mark in) and ending (Mark out). Abbreviation of MPEG Audio Layer-3. MP3 is an audio compression technology that produces near CD audio quality at a very small file size, making it transfer quickly over the Internet.

Page 183 When this happens, you may need to shut down the program. Another option is to turn off your camcorder, then wait for a few seconds (at least six seconds) before turning it back on.


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Page 150 If you are using other programs in the background, you may want to limit this to half of the maximum file size. If left cleared, Ulead VideoStudio uses your systems memory management to control the use and distribution of memory.

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Tip: The best way to record narrations is to do the recording in 10 to 15-second sessions. This makes it easier to remove a badly recorded narration and redo it.

Page 30 ULEAD (learn more here) VIDEOSTUDIO USER GUIDE 2. To customize the overall length of your movie, click. In the Duration dialog box, select how you want the movie duration to be adjusted: • Fit to video duration: Keeps the current movie duration.


VideoStudio supports real-time capturing from DV, analog, or any video source to MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats. Capturing straight to MPEG saves hard drive space as its file size is smaller compared with DV AVI. To capture video in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format: •.

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Click Insert media files: Insert Audio and choose which track to insert your audio file. The VideoStudio CD also comes with several audio clips ready for you to use. Click Load audio to add them to the Library for.


The Navigation Panel is used to preview and edit the clips used in your project. Use the Navigation Controls to move around a selected clip or your project. Use the Trim Bar and Jog Bar to edit your clips. When capturing video from a DV camcorder, the Navigation Controls are used for device control.

Page 95 ULEAD (discover this info here) VIDEOSTUDIO USER GUIDE 4. Repeat step 3 to add more sets of text. When you are done, click the Timeline to add all the entered text to your project. If you switch to Single title before adding to the Timeline the.


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On the other hand, the quality of digital video doesn't diminish over time. You can play DVs countless times and still expect the quality to be as sharp as it originally was. Digitization also extends a video's life span and allows you to enhance its original sound and picture quality.

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This context) and generate color signals. Vision mixers may include Digital Video Effects (DVE) and still store functionality.


System, named ELPH in America and IXUS in Europe. Canon entered the digital video camcorder market in 1997.

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Ctrl + L System Volume Ctrl + I Split Video Tab; • Toggle between the Trim Bar and Jog Bar. Enter • When the left Trim Bar handle is active, pressing [Tab] or [Enter] switches to the right handle.