OMGPOP currently boasts a 40 strong workforce, which is expected to be absorbed by the firm's new owner. Draw Something is also reportedly generating a total of $250,000 in revenue a day, after Apple's 30 percent cut.

  • So Wait, Why is Draw Something Losing Users
  • Considering that the Draw Something MOD APK is now available
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  • Before OMGPOP Sold For $210 Million, The CEO Hired Back Everyone He Laid Off And Made Sure They Cashed In
  • Opinion: Why Zynga's $210 million acquisition of OMGPOP's is the right deal at the right price
  • OMGPOP is best known for Draw Something, one of the fastest growing word games of all time

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Zynga has stumbled through many blunders over the past few years, but few will likely haunt them as much as their $200M purchase of OMGPOP. They bought the Draw Something studio literally days before the popular app hit its peak, and it soon lost millions of DAUs. Zynga was stuck with a studio they didn't know what to do with, and after recent restructuring within the company, they just killed the division entirely.

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The year was 1980 and all across the planet people had the very real fear that one day the world’s super powers would finally use their nuclear arsenals. Missile Command was in many ways a reaction to those fears. The premise of the game was simple: the player must protect six cities from an ever increasing swarm of ballistic missiles. Control was taken care of by a fast and accurate trackball that was notorious for pinching the skin of players’ fingers. That didn’t seem to affect the public appeal of the game which became an immediate arcade smash hit and one of the biggest sellers of the Atari 2600 system.


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On the other hand, rehiring laid-off employees just so they could get a piece of the acquisition action was also about loyalty. It was a longer, more deliberate process than those tweets made in anger. It’s not something you can do on a whim, especially when you consider that such an action actually reduced shareholder value. There were probably other C-level execs and possibly even a board of directors at OMGPOP to sell on the idea, and it’s likely that someone who didn’t truly believe in the cause would’ve simply given up or said “too bad; them’s the breaks”. This was an action that would’ve taken days, if not weeks, and there were probably plenty of opportunities to back out honourably.


Whether the company can actually hold on to that talent once it's acquired is another matter. Bloomberg reports the founders of at least six startups acquired by Zynga subsequently left the company.

  • I know without a doubt that Zynga is the right partner for OMGPOP
  • OMGPOP lives: Zynga promises 'new ways to draw and connect' in Draw Something
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  • That was really important to us,” said Dan Porter, CEO of OMGPOP
  • More OMGPOP-sized deals to come from Zynga, says CEO Mark Pincus
  • You can use coins to get unlimited bombs and unlock all colors
  • TheDomains.com Zynga Acquires OMGPOP Developer of Draw Something Comments Feed
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New Zynga CEO Don Mattrick has a long, long way to go with the company. First and foremost he needs to change this "evil overlord" view of the company, and allow its workers to focus on building lasting, creative games instead of staring at player behavior data spreadsheets all day.


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Everyone needs to play at the same time: The game itself doesn’t work unless your friends are all around at the same time. It is not something you wait for – it’s a game that you must stay on, slowing becoming addicted.

I sat down and asked for a haircut. Let’s got shorter this time, I said. My hair is feeling scraggly and the summer is coming, so I’d prefer to have it off of my shoulders. As the cut began, I couldn’t help but ask my hair dresser about Draw Something.


Drawing a blank: Draw Something 2 struggling to monetise, says BTIG Research

In terms of grossing ranks, the picture for Draw Something 2 is even bleaker. The original Draw Something peaked at #3 on March 21 2021 before falling down to the mid-70s two months later.

Then make some good discussion about it. Bring up something about it. Your opening post will either make or break your thread. And you can't just say it's fun and post a link to it. That is discouraged here.


The method for connecting you with your opponents can be taken from your Facebook friends, searching for username, random, and invitation via email. Entering the gameplay, you will be given 3 words based on the order of difficulty and of course the more difficult words must be drawn, the greater the points that will be obtained. Your turn to answer, you are given a row of letters that must be strung together into one correct word. You will get help in the form of bombs which will reduce the number of available letters. Surely your chance to answer correctly will be greater with fewer letters.

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Overall, Draw Something is an exciting social game to fill your free time. Easy control, simple interface makes this game preferred by various ages. Hopefully in the next update OMGPOP provides more additional features in this game that wont make the waiting time boring and the tool for drawing more abundant.

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Nevertheless, Draw Something 2's start looked promising. The app reached the coveted #1 spot in iOS downloads within two days of its release.


Today’s announcement follows on the heels the recent announcement of Zynga.com, a new play service that will serve as an online destination dedicated to social games, as well as the Zynga Platform, which will allow third party developers to create and publish games on the Platform. Zynga is currently working closely with select Platform partners, and plans to open up the Zynga Platform and make it more widely available to all third party game developers through an API later this year.