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I have used this diagnostic method on many trucks: Volvo, ProStar and Freightliner. I would practice this on a good truck and you will see that using a calculator to calculate the resistance should match what your multi (over at this website)-meter shows you. You will repair many data link problems if you learn this method.

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As you can see we should measure approximately 59 ohms on this data link you can add a small amount for the resistance in the wires but should still be very close to 59 ohms. In everyone of these Columbia’s the resistor near the ABS module on the right hand frame had some green corrosion in the 3 way connector that holds the resistor. Seems the o-rings that should seal out the moisture do a better job sealing in the moisture that got inside of it. After cleaning up the corrosion in the connector the resistance measurement on pins C and D of the J1939 connector dropped from 68 ohms to 59 ohms.


Note: There are some trucks that the J1939 data link resistance can’t be measured unless the batteries are disconnected. IHC ProStar recommends it but I have checked the data link without disconnecting the batteries. Freightliner M2 and C2 chassis you must disconnect the batteries to check the J1939. These trucks and/or school busses have bulk head and chassis module that communicate all the time even with the ignition off and the data link can’t be checked as long as module are transferring data on the J1939.