In other words, the BMW will erase the adaptive transmission shift points. Your BMW will monitor your driving patterns for the next few driving cycles; do not drive aggressively.

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Sometimes you may find there is DSC or ABS fault code that throws the transmission in limp mode. It is possible that a fault code can put your BMW automatic transmission in Fail-Safe mode even if there is nothing wrong with the transmission.


Too many Jamaicans use all-purpose powdered seasonings We use all and any artificial seasonings to flavor our meals for cooking Wrong! You do not know what is good for you STOP!

BMW appears to have improved the electric steering over the years. In the M-Sport, it feels great (decidedly better than the 2021 530d). The low profile tyres also help, I guess. However, there isn't a doubt that BMW has overcompensated. In certain conditions, the steering tries to give you artificial feel & centering action. It feels damn fake - BMW shouldn't have tried this gimmick.


Re: Masters thesis: BMW N47

The Differential Pressure Feedback Exhaust Sensor, or DPFE sensor, is part of the vehicle's exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The sensor monitors and measures the pressure with the EGR valve. This prevents the valve from malfunctioning and allowing too much exhaust into the intake manifold at one time. If a vehicle's running poorly or having poor gas mileage, the DPFE sensor may be to blame.


BMW 118 i 5-Türer 18 Zoll LM Fe

This last-ditch attempt did not work. In am emergency Zoom hearing on Sunday night.

The exhaust sound comes from multiple components and their materials. People oftenly experiment and try different version to find the one they like.


BMW says that the F10 is equipped with a regenerative braking system (Ã la Formula 1). There's an efficiency gauge on the instrument console to make you feel good too. Well, they're dishing out hogwash; it's just a marketing trick. What the F10 has is an alternator with its own clutch. When accelerating (with the battery charged), the alternator is completely disengaged. When you take your foot off the accelerator or during braking, the alternator's clutch kicks in & charges the battery.

BMW & Mercedes are known for their exemplary service standards in Mumbai. My experience during the pre-purchase inspection with Navnit Motors was A+. Will update this thread as she logs her service visits.

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Новый BMW M2 ссылки

They bite a little too firm & a little too fast in the final kph before 0. Starting off is seamless, albeit without the auto-hold. If you have activated auto-hold, start off from 0 kph isn't seamless either.


Transmission Malfunction - Functionality or display of the gear selector position may malfunction. Gearbox position P may not be available. Set parking brake when completely stopped. Engine start may be possible with a delay.

In Sport mode, the 530d takes corners with massive confidence. You wouldn't realise the cornering speed if it weren't for the HUD. What you do feel is the sheer size & weight of the car. It's not nimble - the bulk is very evident. Hard cornering doesn't make her nervous at all, but there is more body roll than in the tight E60. Corners that the E60 would take flat, you'll see noticeably more lean from the F10. If the E60 got a 10/10 rating for its dynamics (by sedan standards), the F10 gets an 8. The handling isn't as on the edge as the E60, yet grip is damn good in its own right and the tyres stick like a leech to the road. What advantage the E60 has on the limit, the F10 makes up with more power (a full second quicker to 100 kph), higher torque & fatter tyres. There'll be no difference in their times. Still, while the F10 will leave you grinning, the E60 would bring tears of joy.


While regular services cost between 15k - 30k, major services can go up to Rs. 80,000. Over and above that, spares are priced ridiculously high. Once the car is out of its warranty period, she'll be visiting a specialist independent garage. That's the only way to own Germans in the longer term. With my C220, the price difference between the authorised & independent workshops was as much as 70%.

Frankly, I'm not someone who cares about the kpl factor and only put the 5 through the full tank to full tank test for the purpose of this review. The efficiency is poor by diesel standards, yet it's more liveable than 6-cylinder petrols which usually deliver between 5 - 6 kpl in the city. The 530d does have an 'ECO PRO' driving mode for efficiency; I've never used it. I didn't buy a 6-cylinder 250 BHP car for dulled throttle responses or lower air-con cooling.


If i got it right, WinOLS is just a tool to correct the maps that i download (read) from my car? Im a little bit confused with "Hardware" section of the WinOLS, is this software also able to read and write to my ECU?

This is a list of common BMW transmission messages. These messages vary between models, but they all point to problems with BMW transmission.


Hello, could somebody take a look at my files and logs. There is something wrong with my MAF and my BOOST respective.

Another reason why you may experience transmission shudder is due to issues with the torque converter. This is often because the torque converter locks up, is wearing out, and not locking the torque converters.


I use the paddles so heavily on the open road that it's become second nature. I'll never be able to enjoy an automatic without them, especially if the car has a fast engine. Are they as much fun as a manual?

All of our cars come provided with a service and MOT. HPI reports are available for all vehicles. We partner with a wide variety of finance companies, decisions can be made within 60 seconds.


Often the transmission issue may be due to a problem with the first gear only. To verify that the problem is with the first gear, set your BMW transmission in Winter mode, which forces the transmission to start in the second gear.

The car has had zero warranty replacements in 21,000 kms and I hope it stays that way. I'm glad that BMW offers the 2nd longest extended warranty in India (Honda is no. 1 with its 7 year coverage). I've taken the 6 year / 120,000 kms extended warranty. In effect, I don't have to worry about any repairs until year 2021.


Used BMW 5 SERIES Cars for Sale in Cardiff

You will need a BMW scanner that can retrieve fault codes from BMW modules. With a BMW scanner, you can perform a full system scan.

Drive on a fast highway with undulating roads in 'comfort' mode and the soft dampers bring more vertical movement & bobbing than I'd like. My stiffly sprung C220 used to ride flatter on such uneven roads at speed. Engage 'sport' mode on these roads to firm up the dampers. It'll result in a flatter - but not absolutely flat - high speed ride on wavy tarmac.

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If you have any recommendations for a tuner or if you can provide a file yourself, please message me with a price and details of the map changes. Not looking for a generic ebay map that is just over fueled. Looking for someone who will map in safe boost and fuel levels keeping it DPF friendly.

In sport mode, the paddle-shifter's reaction time is quick. Give the command and the gearbox responds. In 9 out of 10 such gearshifts, they're faster than would ever have been possible with a manual transmission. Equally, I must add that paddle-shifters are more fun with a petrol because of the wider revv range you get to play with.


The 5-Series has outstanding cabin insulation. Once you shut the door, the outside world truly stays outside. You only realise how busy the world is when you lower a window to pay the toll or something. Additionally, one of the reasons that the car is able to mask high speeds so competently is because of the excellent insulation.

There is a flip side (as mentioned in the ride quality report): On undulating up & down roads, especially in 'comfort' mode, the bobbing & vertical movement is noticeable. Sport mode does improve matters, but not entirely to my satisfaction. The C220 used to ride much flatter on these wavy roads. Must add, this bobbing wasn't as much in the pre-2021 cars with the lower 141 mm ground clearance (it's not got a mention in my 2021 525d review).


Never seen this in any other car before. Plastic nets to let water - and nothing else - through.

What I am worried about is the gearbox which doesn't get a proper metal plate for protection. Imagine the ordeal Androdev went through with his 5-Series (link). Even though his car was the older spec with lower GC, I'm going to look out for a metal guard online (if it doesn't affect the aerodynamics in any way).

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To replace or check for leaks, you will need to get your BMW up on ramps. Remove the splash shield from under the transmission and unplug the wire harness.


Clip the positive lead to the DPFE sensor signal wire

It is recommended to reset the transmission module after the Mechatronic replacement. Drive the vehicle around for about 15-20 minutes, making sure transmission cycles through all the gears several times to recalibrate the shift points.

Auto Lab Scope Diagnostics: DPFE Sensor

What's equally stunning is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde nature of this motor. The engine is competent in crowded city traffic. All you need to do is give it a light foot to move around Mumbai. Power is delivered in a smooth & linear style. Here, the 530d is pretty much in 'snooze' mode; 99% of the time spent in the city, the needle is below 1,500 rpm. With a light foot, the gearbox is in a hurry to upshift. Cruising on Marine drive with traffic @ 50 kph sees the revv needle at merely 1,200 rpm. I must add, on empty roads in the city, you have to consciously make an effort to keep it at slow & safe speeds (the HUD's speedo readout helps).


I am interesed about EGR switch on/off address, i want to make it off for EDC15 map. I didnt manage to make it off by put max value in EGR map.

So let's be clear about my intentions. I like breaking stuff and fixing it (i hope not my ECU lol) but i dont wish to melt the pistons.


Typical signs that the transmission fluid level is low is that your BMW displays the Transmission Failsafe Prog. Warning under hard acceleration or when accelerating as you make a turn.

Thanks mate and now what can i change to make This car popcorn. In vag cars it is very simple but in This case i dont know.


Selling as I need money to put towards a deposit for another car. Sad to sell it. MOT due February the 12th, just had a service too.

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If someone needs some mechanical help with the E39 or some other BMW's i will be glad to help of course. Or maybe webasto heater unlocking, recoding etc.


You now know why these big cars are getting 8 speed gearboxes. They need the super tall 7th & 8th ratios to deliver fuel efficiency that doesn't shock you. With a 6-speed gearbox, highway fuel economy would probably be in the single digits, earning them the reputation of gas guzzlers.

The diesel tank has a healthy 70 liter capacity. You'll get a range of ~500 kms in the city and ~700 on the highway.


BMW E39 520d Remap

BMW often comes up with software updates for the automatic transmission. These updates change the shift points, which improves the shifting.

Transmission Faulty - Transmission position P possibly not available. Operate parking brake when car stationery. Please contact the BMW service department.

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