The first time I saw an Xcelsius model (now called SAP Dashboards) I was very impressed with how it looked. The next time I saw a model I was impressed on what it could do. Now it’s taking more than the standard components to leave any lasting impression.

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To complete this, we can now look at Series4, which is the line chart type. In this case, I adjusted the look and feel of the line and marker itself. As shown in the following illustration, I enlarged the size of the marker so that the complete value can be seen within the object. I adjusted this to a size of 30, and chose Circle for the Marker Shape. Finally, I turned on the (visible parameter) Show Labels option. The important item here is to leave the Format field blank. This will allow the values to show up as absolutes rather than fighting with currency or unit of measure (UOM) signs.


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It is very easy to install and helps in creating and executing test cases. Any new comer can easily understand and does not need any high level knowledge of testing to get started with robot framework.


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Nowadays companies are adopting a new project management technique called agile. In agile we have a scrum team which will work on different sprints of specific duration. In the sprint, we have developers, testers who work together. So when they work together developers will write the code for a particular feature or product. And the testers have to write test cases and automate them.


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This will provide the business analysts additional information and enable them to compare the overall growth and progression of each of the indicators. Which KPI business users are supposed to look at and understand immediately upon opening this dashboard should be clear; the overall structure of the lower-middle view is dramatically different from the others. The waterfall chart type displays this information in a manner that is unique but also very direct and focused. Business users can immediately see that there has been an increase in the overall progress of capturing new customers. The company has increased the number of new customers from 25 in the first quarter to 40 in the fourth quarter of 2008.

This dashboard is titled “Sales Analysis by Product Group” and for this example we will accept that the default information around the required KPIs for this dashboard is accurate. As you can see we have six KPIs with two key figures per view and a total of six views. If I do the mathematics correctly we are looking at 12 KPIs for the business analyst to assimilate at one time. This is a reasonable amount of information for the business user to assimilate. In this example we presented the high-level information and summary by year for all of the metrics. We could have added something in terms of a period analysis rather than a yearly analysis or we could also have set up something for a Year to Date analysis for 2009. These are excellent additions that could have been made and we could have added these additional metrics to this dashboard but as we mentioned before, we don’t want to cram tons of metrics onto one dashboard.


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If this color scheme was available based on this display you would be able to see that there is one metric that is graphically unique and that is 2008 Sales Price and Cost Averages by Product Group. This is the primary KPI for this dashboard. I’ve highlighted it both with colors and also with a 2/5D chart type rather than a one-dimensional display, to identify it to the business analyst as soon as the open the dashboard.


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Robot Framework Training – Robot Framework is an open source generic test automation framework. It is a simple framework where you can write plain text language using which you can automate any number of tasks. Robot Framework also supports Java, Microsoft, and C #. Robot Framework Online Course allows using Keyword driven, data-driven and behavior driven approaches shortly called as BDD approach. As Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework, it is mainly used for the acceptance of test-driven development.

There is some scrolling in the lower-left report but that is very limited since in this case we are scrolling only 12 months at a time and therefore it will always be the same level of scrolling, which would not be the case if the rows were controlled by something like types of homes where the total number of rows might expand and contract. The yearly average sale price report is well positioned and consistent. We see that the metrics have been structured to between four and six depending on whether you define the use of years as another metric.


The Supervisors' Safety Development Program (SSDP) trains supervisors and managers to incorporate best safety practices into their daily management activities. A key feature of the program requires participants to demonstrate they have acquired the knowledge and skills from training and are prepared to implement them in the workplace.

Supervisors Safety Course 1. Which of the following establishes how federal and DoD regulations apply specifically to the Army? A. AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program 2. In addition to meeting OSHA standards, the Department of Defense requires each military department, including the Department of the Army, to administer a comprehensive safety and occupational health program.


Object Browser in Xcelsius

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If the data field comes down to Crystal Reports with several decimal points, one solution would be to use the remove decimal places button on the tool formatting bar. That button actually rounds up on decimal place numbers greater than 5 and rounds down on decimal place numbers less than 5.


In the case of the waterfall chart type, I had to do a couple of additional configuration changes, but I used the same stacked column to start, and then just worked with the colors within the series to make them invisible, creating a “floating” center section. I created that type of chart in about five minutes. With a little touch-up, I achieved the finished product. The next illustration shows the configuration for the top section of the waterfall chart— I didn’t really make the section invisible but rather made it blend with the background so that the color is the same as the background color.

Now the rest of the configuration for the stacked columns comes into play with the series formatting. Within the wizard, I assigned the chart type stacked columns and then switched to the Refine approach to get to each of the series to configure at that level, as shown next. Using the different shades of color helps emphasize the sections of the stack.


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The shading of the chart background, different approaches to use of variables in the report, and just overall eye appeal is much better in this example versus what we just created in the WAD. We could easily have included the variables, radio buttons, navigation pane, and so forth into this dashboard, but you can see that this will be fairly straightforward. Be selective with what is incorporated into your dashboards. If your business user is interested in having what-if scenarios available on a dashboard, think about putting this type of chart type on a separate tab within your dashboard. This will make very clear what is required reading versus what is available to use for estimates.

If we look at one of the Web items we worked on in a former we can start to really work through some of the ideas and concepts discussed in this chapter and see if we are following all of the important points while building a dynamic and focused dashboard. So, in the following illustration we can see the column charts that we used in the previous section and let’s discuss what is going on within the chart. Now, the chart itself is in pretty good shape so let’s also assume that we have agreed upon the KPIs so that our focus is on reviewing the finer points of the display and presentation.


The application which you want to call is called as System under Test. Robot Framework doesn’t know these applications.

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When I create my new file, the background Layer is transparent. I will continue to add layers with elements of the Robot in different positions.

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It is a good support for external libraries. Most used is Selenium Library, which is easy to install and use in robot framework.


Observes work methods and recommends corrective measures to eliminate unsafe work practices. Prepares training materials and conducts safety training classes, demonstrations, seminars, pre-annual training briefings and other briefings as required.

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The scaling is consistent and everyone is scaled to the thousands rather than in some with different scaling factors. This dashboard has all at one scaling factor level.


Today, there is a number of Test automation frameworks available in the market which are licensed. Robot test automation is a popular framework; the advantage of Robot Framework is it is completely open source. That means you need not pay any license cost for using this. And it is purely developed using Python. It will be easy for a person to learn Robot Framework online Training if he is good at Python. Global Online Trainings also provides Python Training.

There are various ways you can distribute the reports you designed in Crystal Reports even if you aren’t using Crystal Reports Server or any other Enterprise Servers. Some of the ways are the old standby methods such as PDF and MSWord. These methods work fine, as they definitively meet the needs of the organizations report readers.

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Robot Framework is a Python-based framework, in that Robots show more security. Robots have become popular in society, and do exceptionally complex tasks. However, robot safety is underestimated. Robotics security is a complex view that requires a cross-disciplinary approach that is often backed by scientific security. At Testing World, Robot Framework has High-Level Architecture and simple to use tabular syntax almost every company use this Robot Framework. There are some advantages to Robot Framework. Team with no programming knowledge can build automation suites. It can be easily integrated with Jenkins. Support various libraries for managing automated deployments on the server using web application, Windows applications, API testing, DB tests, XML parsing, file system operations, endpoints, remote approach calls, FTP and more.


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Today, Robot Framework is perhaps one of the most valuable test automation frameworks available on the market. In terms of money, it is at the top of the list. Robot frame includes tools, techniques, and abstract rules. Its task makes the automation process easier.

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In ImageReady, I start with a single image in my Animation Strip. I unclick the Eye in the hide mouth layer to reveal the mouth.


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Rules and Responsibilities of Kronos Training

The additional configuration is very similar to that of the previous dashboard. All in all, this is a consistent dashboard and will accommodate many different requirements by your customers. Yes, you could get really fancy and add all the bells and whistles, even going as far as creating your own HTML that you type directly into the XHTML tab within the WAD. If you want items that consist of links to other formatting options that are not available within the WAD or links to other systems, you will have to use this functionality. All in all the WAD component of BI to help with the display of our KPIs within a dashboard format.


Robot test framework uses Selenium web driver along with Python programming. We provide robot framework automation along with Selenium Training and Python Training. So Selenium robot framework and Robot framework python help you to better understand the Robot Framework corporate Training. Our training will provide all the necessary skills to successfully create a Selenium test suite.

This online training program is designed for safety supervisors, officers, or other individuals responsible for managing front line employees. This program also benefits individuals seeking to reach their career goal of becoming a safety supervisor.

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Now, consider the rightmost chart—Chart 3. It’s format of the data is good and the positioning of the information is very similar to Chart 1 but the titles are a bit either nonexistent or scarce. So we don’t have any titles up the sides or at the top. You can probably see that this is one dimensional versus the others that are two dimensional and that’s OK even though some of the “wow” factor goes away without some tweaking of the colors but I’m not going to say that this is a bad chart template based on the fact that it’s only one dimensional. Remember, the focus of these Web templates is the delivery of the information in a consistent and focused approach, not how many dimensions can we use to get the information displayed. So, all in all, we can see that with the basics that we talked about in the previous chapters we can build a useable and consistent Web item for a dashboard.


All of the color schemes are the same. To achieve this, I created one template object and then just copied it to another object. I had to make additional changes and fixes to the copied object, but having a starting point saved time and ensured consistency.

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It also helps individuals working on Java, Python, Appium, and Selenium to move into advanced modules like Robot Framework Training with Selenium, Robot Framework Training with Appium, etc. We will help you to get into advanced technologies.

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Here I’m going to give you a brief introduction to Robot Framework corporate Training. You may get a basic overview of Robot Framework.

This dashboard is direct and focused—Monthly Sales Price and Yearly Average Sales Price with additional historic perspective based on information from 2005 through 2007, then details by Month for 2008. Again, in this case the color is used to identify the primary metrics—top two charts and then it draws your eyes to the lower two reports. I would have used a different background color so that the bottom two reports are not as minimized as they actually are due to the darker black against lighter black background.


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Now, I could go to ImageReady and animate my robot and save it as an Animated GIF. But instead I zoom (CTRL + +) into the robot and grab a section of purple that matches the area around the mouth, and copy that to the clipboard.



SAP are adding further components and polish to the product with each new release, there are some great additions coming in Dashboards 4/1. There are also a number of 3rd party companies providing extra functionality to your dashboard like Centigon, Inovista, etc.