The Witcher returns for round 2. The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings is a RPG. You will be going down many paths and you will find a different ending depending on the the path you choose to travel. That’s right the game has multiple ending so you can play the game many time but each time you can have a different ending. Geralt of Rivia is the main character as before and you will control him.

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It's a design choice, not a "problem". I have no issue with it and probably actually prefer it.


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Coop by having humans take control of existing AI-controlled squad mates would have changed nothing. I think it's obvious they won't do it but let's not pretend it would affect anything.

But if I remember correctly, you indeed have to start the Steam version of ME1 once to verify installation of the whole thing. Then again I've never played ME1 on Origin, always had it on Steam so this was never an issue for me.


I'm running through ME2 right now. No texture mods installed, but I did force AA. I think I'll install ALOT for my new game pluses.

I know but I really wanted to play it. Can't even load my maxed out character for a new playthrough because the dlc is missing. I contacted support twice, they couldn't help me activate it.


I like it and I've proposed it more than once. I don't wanna derail the thread, as I haven't played it, but I thought The Division had a very limited number of options as far as the armor that you could wear.

I see no need for it. Mass Effect has never had it, and I'm not sure it would fit. It already uses positioning to indicate tone.


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