Dungeon Siege Crack has for centuries been protecting Ehb citizens until they have been betrayed and all of them threatened with extinction. Now that the evil is back in Ehb, the citizens look to the few legions left to defend the past. How everything gets settled is up to you! Dungeon Siege III is an action in which intuitive high-speed gambling combines seamlessly with a strong framework with a wide range of skills, loots, and history that are well known for Square-Enix and Dungeon Siege torrent, Obsidian Entertainment. Players can go on an adventure alone, on the couch with friends, or in a multiplayer experience online. At the time, the magical forces were unchained and the two armies were enveloped by a majestic cataclysm that spanned the tears for miles.

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There are only two real choices for ranged characters. You can either focus on crossbows and bows (which are concentrated into the same skill) or use thrown weapons.


Now, with your plague all cleared away, you can start to worry about the Dryad exiles that Taar wants you to aid. With your vial of water from the Elven Fountain, you may be able to aid a few of them. As mentioned, though, having Taar in your party will give you access to a new secondary quest, Taar's Investigation, which you can acquire in a house near the Great Hall if you wish to do so.

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With Drevin by your side, start chopping through the enemies in the Narrow Tunnel here. One of the first enemies you come across will likely be an Infused Ketril, which glows with an orange ring around its body. This signifies that it's a miniboss, a powerful version of a normal foe. Minibosses will be much tougher to defeat than normal enemies, meaning that they're excellent targets for your powers, if you have one available. They do have a greater chance of dropping magical items, however, so they're worth killing. This one is guarded by only a pair of helpers, so kill them first, then focus your fire on the Ketril and take it down with powers.


They'll likely be found shortly after your first encounter with a Vulk, and will have some decent treasures inside. Don't miss the secret room in the Ruins, which can be found by clicking on one of the chalices on the pedestals.

After the shell is destroyed, start walking through the trenches, killing everything that you see and examining any tutorial journal entries which interest you. Eventually, you'll come to a group of Forest Golems; around this time, you should earn your first character level, which means that you'll also earn your first skill point. Skill points can be allocated in the Specialties menu (hotkey P). See our Skills section for more info on this process, and don't delay; skills make you much more effective in combat. Depending on your choice of skill, you may also earn your first Power, about which see our Powers section or check the tutorial in the game.


After the next treasure tower, you should come to the Dryad Exile Colony, where you'll meet the Azunite Scholar for the first time. This will end this quest, and give you the next primary quest, along with a boatload of experience.

If you want to bring a character back into your party, head to the Inn and speak to the innkeeper (the NPC with a candle above their head). You can select and choose any character you've previously disbanded this way, even pets. Unfortunately characters that sit around in the Inn aren't going to be getting any experience, so if you want to change your party later on, you may find that characters you haven't used in a while are substantially weaker than the ones you've constantly kept in your party. This isn't a big deal if you just need them along to complete one of their secondary quests, but if you want to get them back up to your level, then you'll need to get them some experience, which can be difficult to do.


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Even if they're not terrifically potent in battle, though, pets can still be useful due to their emanations and special abilities, especially on higher difficulties, where you have more character slots available to you. This can be especially useful in the case of the Mythrilhorn, who can make all nearby enemies angry at him and then soak up most of the damage that he takes thanks to a high armor and health rating, which in turn will make large battles easier on your healer. Still, though, if you're looking for a party member that'll help you quickly take down enemies, then you'll usually want to just add another NPC character to your party, as their equipment, skills, and variable powers will usually make them more flexible and effective than a pet can ever be.

The third tower will likely have a miniboss in front of it, surrounded by grunts, so if you have any powers that affect large groups of people, it'd be worth using them to thin out the crowd before concentrating on the miniboss himself. When you're through with them, though, fire the tower to move on.


Before you follow Suzor's advice and head out to find the Stelae, it'd be worth your while to poke around the area. Instead of heading through the gate that she unlocked for you, head southwest out of the camp and up the hill there to find a Sanctuary Door requiring 13 Melee skill to break through; either your main character (if you're playing melee) or Lothar should have this by now. To the southeast, on the other hand, you'll come across a Ruined Crypt. Inside, you'll find a bunch of locked doors (which you shouldn't open - there are level 28ish foes beyond), as well as the Statue Guardian, which is responsible for opening the locked door behind himself. While you can't get through at the moment, if you answer his questions incorrectly, you can spawn in a level 16 miniboss that will always drop a magical or rare item; you can summon it five or six times in a row just by pressing the 1 key five times after talking to the statue for extra experience and loot.

Head north along the path until you find a Boarbeast beating up on some Hak'u Hunters. If you follow the beast down the path to the west, kill it, then use the Statue near it, you'll find a secret treasure chest.


Although every pet enters your service as a baby, with only an attack and perhaps a spell (if it can cast spells), increasing its maturity will quickly earn it a power that it can use. Pet powers are precisely like character powers, in that they can be used once, then have to wait to recharge before they can be used again, but unlike characters, pets only obtain a single power to use. If you can increase a pet's maturity all the way to Adult, it will also earn an emanation, which is essentially a buff that gets automatically cast on all party members while the pet is in your party. This doesn't count towards the two-buff limit, however, so you'll be able to use your Wrath and Embrace spells on top of the emanations without any problems.

You probably see a few paths open to you at the moment, but for now, just follow Jera to the outpost, where she'll quickly be cut down by Morden foes. You'll need to kill them in order to nab the Morden Gate Key, which you can use to free the Dryad prisoners that the Morden formerly took. Doing so will get you in good with Celia, but she won't free you yet. Instead, you'll wrap up this quest and be given the Morden Towers quest.

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The southern exit is another cul-de-sac with a miniboss, so explore it if you wish; the southeastern exit leads to the main area of the Kithraya Valley, and also features a teleporter immediately after you reach the next zone. It leads almost immediately into the Lower Kithraya Caverns, where the next part of your quest awaits.


Regardless, you'll need to start heading down the path outside of town after leaving via the Southern Gate if you want to find the Exile Colony. A few secondary quests can be completed in the Southern and Eastern Greilyn Forests here, including Taar's Investigation, The Dire Wolf, and The Hak'u Part II, so we'll try to point those areas out to you as we go along. Speaking of which, the cave for Taar's Investigation is found immediately after leaving town.

If you're interested in pursuing the Hak'u Part II quest, head southwest from the Dryad Colony and enter the Small Cave in the hills up there. Otherwise, follow the path to the east to find the Eastern Greilyn Isle teleporter. If you keep heading along the path, it'll eventually branch into three separate trails, leading to a cave in the north, a faded trail to the east, and a wooden bridge to the south. Since the arrow for your destination is pointing south, it'd be worthwhile to head to the other two destinations to see what's waiting for you before moving on. To the north or east, you'll find an Underground Shelter, which will let you pick up the Feldwyr the Blacksmith quest.


Past the second field of poison geysers, the path will branch; the northeast leads to the Eastern Greilyn Beach, which is your ultimate destination, while the western path leads to a substantial number of optional enemies and the Kithraya Hive Queen, part of the Kithraya Hive secondary quest. If you wish to kill them, do so; otherwise, head down to the beach.

And, of course, there's a huge new storyline to delve into as well, which will probably take you anywhere from 25 to 50 hours to complete, depending on how many of the 40+ side quests you choose to do, and that's just on the first difficulty level. Luckily for you, GameSpot's Game Guide to Dungeon Siege II is here to help, with a complete walkthrough for the title, including all of the sidequests, as well as tips on party composition and battle tactics.

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You'll eventually come across Morden Archer Pulk, who signifies the completion of this task. Around this time, Drevin will give you Drevin's Medallion, a Quest Item of some significance.


When you return to Taar, she'll be overjoyed by the fact that you've been cured, and ask you to bring the vial of water to the Exile's colony, where plagued Dryads are forced to live, since they're unable to live in the main village. It's be a wise idea to bring her along after she asks to join your party, especially if you don't have an accomplished Nature magician in your group, as having her as a teammate will unlock another secondary quest. If your party is full, you can disband members with the CTRL-D command (be sure to grab their items before doing so; they'll go to the inn so that you can pick them up again later on), or you can pay the innkeeper another 1,500 gold to open up another slot.

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Like Nature mages, Combat mages have the ability to summon magical creatures to help them in battle. While the Nature creatures are usually of the melee variety, Combat summons will generally use combat magic such as Leech Life or Firebolt, making them ranged threats. They're thus decent for a little extra damage, but we usually find the melee-oriented creatures that Nature mages summon to be a bit more useful in a fight. Still, if you don't have anything else in your Combat magician's autocast slot, you can do worse than putting a creature in there.


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Eventually, you'll find yourself near a locked door with a few minibosses in the room in front of it; kill them all (preferably by luring them away from one another) to unlock the door leading to the Elven Fountain. After killing everything inside and finding a lectern with the Chant of Prosperity on it, you can use the fountain to heal yourself and grab a sample of the water for Taar. At this point, feel free to leave via the nearby teleporter and return to town.

Against bosses, though, curses can be a good way to reduce their effectiveness or even hurt them over time without having to re-cast the curse over and over again. You'll most often want to use something like Drown or Infect to deal a good amount of damage over each second of the curse (which can add up to over 1,000 damage over the course of a curse's duration) while also increasing their vulnerability to your elemental damage.

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After a bit more fighting, you'll come to Fricks, who stands near a gate beyond the exit from the cave. Speak to him to end this quest and begin the next.


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After chopping through all of the shades (be sure to try and hear what they say; some of their quotes are pretty amusing), you should be able to pass through to the interactive credits. Each of the monsters and NPCs here is named after one of the game's designers. You'll eventually come to a pillow fight room where there's another locked room. Now, in order to get past this one, you have to decipher the code that's given to you by the three Mysterious Set items.

Move on to the northwest past the teleporter, slicing and dicing anything that stands in your way. Eventually, you'll run across Morain, who'll give you a secondary quest: The Hak'u. To the north of her position, you'll find the Hak'u Ritual Camp area, which probably features a miniboss at this point in time. There's nothing much else to see here at the moment, but get the map marker for it, as you'll be returning to complete a secondary quest in the future.


Where it says Specify line for launch for me it is Set launch options. Click on the empty box and copy and paste width=1920 height=1080 in the empty box.

As far as gameplay is concerned, Dungeon Siege (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9839) II is a more detailed analysis of leveling and character creations. The addition of leveling pets, along with summoned creatures, is a plus and works well. Also, a lot of the clutter is reduced from the original with less nature and combat magic spells, but different unique and rare items (perhaps a bit too many for my tastes). Ranged weapons increase from the bow/crossbow limitations and add thrown weapons, and skill sets with melee branch off into specialized sets, such as two weapon and sword-shield fighting styles. There is also the special attack option for skill sets, which add the extra punch necessary for winning some combat situations.


Whether you bring Vix along or not, you'll come to the Upper Kithraya Cavern soon after you encounter him. This is a lengthier cavern than the caves you're probably used to, but linear nonetheless, so start chopping your way through the enemies here. If you walk long enough, you'll eventually come to a point with a few Plagued Kurtles where the path splits into three trails: one leading south, one leading southeast, and one being found via an elevator leading down. The elevator is broken, so you'll need to find another party member to fix it. For now, just ignore it.

At the outset of this mission, you'll want to take a little time to go over these tutorials and figure out little stuff like how to move your character (left-click on the ground) and how to open chests, destroy barrels, and attack enemies (right-click on your target). Speaking of the latter, if you turn around immediately after you gain control of your characters and return to the interior of the dropship in which you landed, you can find a treasure chest filled with loot. Pop it open, then hit Z to pick up all the items that come out of it. There are also a couple of barrels to be destroyed elsewhere on the beachhead, so blow those open for some gloves, should you need them.


Now that you've arrived on Aranna's mainland, it's time to help out the soldiers in the fort here with their task. It seems that there's a weapon hidden somewhere in the desert. To find the weapon, you'll need to find a map.

After defeating the fearsome target dummies, move through the gate near Kargack to meet up with your first real enemies. The Bracken here are obviously going to be among the weakest enemies you'll ever encounter, so don't worry too much about them; just start firing away at them, and when you reduce their numbers a bit, you can go straight for the Bracken Shell in the background and start whacking on that until it's destroyed.


Dungeon Siege (click this link now) II from developer Gas Powered Games takes you to the same world of Dungeon Siege (view it), albeit a different continent than the original. Here, your character is again completely under your control as you strive to become a great magician, or fighter, or ranger, or whatever combination you desire. The character driven story is, like the original title, quite excellent and engrossing, with exciting although predictable twists and turns in the story. A myriad of secondary quests are available, some quickly and easily solved, others making you backtrack to earlier towns or areas in search of previously inaccessible areas.

To the west of your location, you'll come across the Hak'u Cave, a smallish cave that wraps back around itself between two entrances quite near each other. You can take a wander through here for some cash and experience, if you wish. You'll come across a Ghostly Spirit inside, which stands guard over a bridge. You won't be able to extend the bridge at the moment, though; that will come later on.

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Frankly, Dungeon Siege II is everything Diablo should have been. Better story, more diverse action, continuously loading world, and better graphical interface.


And superb flashy graphics that made you go 'Ooh'. Dungeon Siege (see this) II doesn't seem to think it needs one as long as it delivers a solid experience in every area Unfortunately it leaves you feeling like you're running through the motions, playing a game you've played a few hundred times before, only with different characters.

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Thunderous Shot is also worth noting as being among the best crowd-control powers in the game. When fired, it'll let you deal up to 25 times the normal damage of your weapon to all enemies in a straight line; any enemies not killed outright by this power will then be stunned for a good amount of time. This power is notable for the distance that it travels; even when fired at a nearby enemy, it can still travel off the screen, killing and stunning enemies that you can't even see. It also recharges fairly quickly, letting you use it fairly often.


Chapter One: The Siege of Greilyn Beach

They changed the party control feature in DS1 into more of a FF12 "group" like party, where you can pick a member at random to control, but the other members work off a basic party AI program, which sadly is lacking in many areas. You lose the member by member control of DS1 to get into a more hack/slash "group" dynamic of DS2. Sadly I feel this feature was not a good addition to the game, especially when your trying to control your other party members who refuse to do what they really should be doing (attacking foes, sometimes they just stand there, casting spells even in "automatic" slots, and other things).

And that's why we liked it But it's also the reason that it never rose to the rank of the unmissable. It was, in three words, good shallow fun.


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It's a relatively short distance between the second and third towers, but the path is going to be densely populated by Morden and Hak'u. One area to note is the Tranquil Cave, which is located to the right of the path, or to the west, depending on your frame of reference. When you spot a path leading down to some water, walk down, then pass underneath the waterfall there to find the cave. The Ghostly Spirit within is still incommunicado, as the previous one was, but you can find a treasure chest and a new chant within. The chant here isn't defined at first, but if you use it an incantation shrine, you'll discover that it spits out an item for you.

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After the first Tower goes down, you can head on to the north; your first Teleporter will be nearby. If you need a cheap way to get back to town and sell stuff, feel free to click on it and warp back to Eirulan. As a reminder, you should only be selling stuff, not buying anything, until you get 500 gold and unlock that third party slot.


Although using two-handed weapons will usually result in less damage over a given amount of time when compared to dual-wielding, two-handed weapons are still quite useful, especially when you have two melee characters in your party and don't want them to compete for the same weapons and equipment. Since each blow from a two-handed weapon is going to be more powerful than that from one-handed weapons, they're also resoundingly well-equipped for the Brutal Attack power, which lets you deal up to fifty times your normal damage in a single blow.

These guys happen to be guarding Razka's Ruins, a small dungeon with a locked door at the end

This seems to prevent a scaling bug that comes from launching the title screen and loading the game when the computer's resolution is set higher. THIS is the first step to allow your character portrait to load correctly.

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This can make it a great tank in higher difficulties, as it can repeatedly Enrage large groups of foes, then shrug off most of the damage it takes. Be sure to only feed it fighter armor when ranking it up!


The two powers we used most often on our Nature mage were Invulnerabilty and Gravity Stone. Invulnerability is just obviously useful; when activated, it'll protect all of your party members from harm for six to ten seconds. Use this in boss fights to give your healer time to regenerate mana or to run away from a threat that you can't handle. Gravity Stone is useless on its own, but when dealing with large, dispersed groups of foes, you can use it to suck them all into a ball, then use another character's power, like Thunderous Shot or Detonation, to blast them all to bits before they escape.

Lightning is another good choice for mages, as there's a wide variety of spells available. Although the Arcing ability probably won't wind up doing as much damage as Ignite will, due to the fact that Ignite burns over a few seconds' worth of time, it's better for dealing with smaller groups of foes due to the way that you can damage multiple enemies with a single-target spell.