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There are many roles that can be played in Dota 2 such as damage dealer, tank, initiator, backline long range hitter, magic caster, healer, etc. Most heroes do one or two roles effectively based on their skills but they can also be determined by what items you buy. A well-balanced team is most likely able to win fights but it will ultimately revolve around the general strategy that your team wants to play. There are many roles that can be played in Dota (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=7093) 2 such as damage dealer, tank, initiator, backline long range hitter, magic caster, healer, etc. Most heroes do one or two roles effectively which is largely determined by their hero attributes and skills.


In the next room, you have to kill the mini boss - Nesbite. At the same time in each corner of the room, there will be a Serpent that spawn. You will have about 5 seconds to kill the serpent, or it will activate the laser and most likely 1 hit you. The serpent spawn goes in clockwise manner. So you dont have to guess where he will spawn next. If you are solo-ing you can drag the boss around clockwise. If you are in a party you can drag him or have 1-2 people work clockwise to kill the serpent.

After you kill all the oblivion. Go forward until u get to the next wall of fire.


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League of Legends is very similar to DOTA 2 in many ways because it borrows its format heavily from the Defense of The Ancients mod from Warcraft 3 -the progenitor of all MOBAs. Players choose one out of a plethora of heroes, each bundled with its own abilities according to a specific role, to meet the needs of a five-player team. The map is divided into 3 lanes -top, middle, and bottom -and lanes generally are best suited to particular roles and heroes. There is an entire system of orthodoxy governing hero choice, item builds, and roles that is both the result of an emergent community meta, as well as the influence of the e-sports scene and actual direction by the developers. As a result of the foregoing, League (and DOTA 2 for that matter) is notoriously hard to get into for newer players.

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For starters, the steam workshop is revenue generator for the artist who can get their stuff in. Last year Valve handed out around $10 MILLION dollars total to workshop artist. The average artist earning $15,000, and others up to $100k-500k. There is revenue to be made in the workshop, though its extremely difficult to get your items in. Additionally, the look and feel of painter doesnt really mesh well with Dota 2 and TF2 assets. Maybe Counter Strike, but I dont really know how that market place is right now. Gabe Newell also made it quite clear that future developments, including the next source engine, will be heavily focused around workshops and asset creation.

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As always, crafting materials aren’t the easiest to find, especially if you’re not sure where to nab them, or what items grant them. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide below which’ll take you through both of these things.

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The last boss you have couple minutes to kill him. If you don't kill him, he will disappear and a bunch of mobs will spawn. Once the boss respawn, the boss will get stronger. The boss will get stronger by each respawn.

If you need to redeem a game or wallet code when on the go, but don't know how then you might have found yourself looking through the Steam app time and time again. Well, search no longer, because we have the answers.


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The Steam Workshop provides a way for players of Valve and Steamworks-enabled games to find and obtain user-created content. Users can use in-game or separate tools to construct new levels, game modifications, or other content for games that support the Workshop and then publish them. End users can then subscribe to such content through the Steam client or website and automatically download it to the user's computer and integrate with the game. The Workshop was originally used for distribution of new items for Team Fortress 2, the Workshop was revamped in early 2021 to extend support for any game, including mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A May 2021 patch for Portal 2 introduced the ability to share user-created levels enabled by a new map-making tool through the Steam Workshop. Indie games, such as Dungeons of Dredmor, are also able to provide Steam Workshop support for user-generated content. Dota 2 became Valve's third published title available for the Steam Workshop in June 2021, with features including customizable accessories, skins and voice packs.

In terms of financial outlay, Dota 2 is remarkably generous. The entire game including every character, item and ability is entirely free. You can play at the highest level immediately without spending a penny. The in-game store is limited to cosmetic items and seasonal 'Battle Passes', which amount to minigames and cosmetic collections tied to specific esports events. It's possible to spend a lot of money on Dota 2 in that regard, and if you want the rarest and flashiest cosmetics then you'll certainly need to spend for them—but you don't need to.


In League of Legends, linear- and quadratic-ness depend entirely on the champion you are playing: unlike DotA (check that), spellcasters DO scale with items. As a general rule of thumb, carries are moderately strong early and mid and dominate late, but tend to be very squishy to compensate, casters (including physical casters) are strong early and mid game, but fall off late and assassins are weak early, but dominate mid game and are still a threat late. Played straight with bruisers, who are generally strong in early and mid game, but lose effectiveness as enemy champions gain the means to actually take them down.

Gyms are a great place for lead as they’re home to a number of junk items like barbells, dumbbells and curl bars, all of which grant a huge amount lead when scrapped. There’s a gym in the motel at Flatwoods, as well as Charleston Fire Department.


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The biggest feature exclusive to League of Legends is Runes. Runes give players a bit of flexibility in terms of how they build up their champion prior to a game beginning, and certain runes can help them fit into different roles while using the same character. In Dota (official website) 2, that flexibility comes through buying items that are generally (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9471) more powerful and versatile during the game.

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Every major tournament in Dota 2 is generally followed by a big patch implementing several key changes to the game. ESL One LA Online too, wasn’t an exception: A new patch for Dota 2 was rolled out on Tuesday which included many hero changes and an XP bonus change. But the most notable change, however, was the adjustment of the movement speeds of items (why not check here). Every single boot in the game now delivers a flat bonus movement speed instead of a percentage change in ms as earlier. Neutral items like the Spider legs and Woodland striders also deliver flat bonus ms now but items like Yasha and its upgrades now provide a percentage increase in movement speed instead.

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There is a hidden option to redeem codes in your Steam app, but unfortunately, it only applies to wallet top-ups and pre-paid cards. This means you won't be redeeming game codes through the app to download when you get home, but with pre-paid codes it's totally possible.


Red, green and blue key in Forgotten Temple B1F are the items to start quest. The only difference between red, green and blue key in Forgotten Temple B1F is the procedure of the quest. They all reward same drop rate and quest reward.

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After you destroy the wall of fire. Keep moving forward and kill the oblivion to continue with the quest. These mobs have high def and can melee/range; however, their atk rate arent that great.


Thread: Forgotten Temple Guide

Valve has provided some user-developed Workshop content as paid-for features in Valve-developed games, including Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2; as of January 2021, over $57 million has been paid to content creators using the Workshop. Valve began allowing developers to use these advanced features in January 2021; the developer and content generator will share the profits of the sale of these items; the feature went live in April 2021, starting with various mods for Skyrim. This feature was pulled a few days afterward following negative user feedback and reports of pricing and copyright misuse. Valve has stated they are still interested in offering this type of functionality in the future, but will review the implementation to avoid these previous mistakes. In November 2021, the Steam client was updated with the ability for game developers to offer in-game items for direct sale via the store interface.

The last key difference between the two is the role of the jungle. In League of Legends, jungling is a standard role where a player goes around killing neutral enemies in order to free up more gold and experience in the lanes, all while looking to dive into a lane and help their teammates to get an advantage. In Dota 2, the gold and XP rewards aren’t great enough to make this possible. Instead, the jungle is used as a supplemental source for both XP and other special items that can only be found by killing jungle creeps over the course of the game. So while League of Legends' jungle is generally (go to my site) meant to be used by a specific player on the team, Dota 2's jungle servers a broader purpose over the course of a game.

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Fallout 76: Lead guide - Where to find Lead

It is clear that the patch is a rough one for supports. Not only have support items been nerfed and cost of teleport scroll been increased, but also the gold earned by them has gone down substantially. For the last couple of patches, supports were feeling good, but patch 7/25 is going to bring them down a notch. It seems position 6 heroes may return! In general, even though the comeback factor has been removed, increasing the streak gold and making the assist formula solely net worth dependant is slightly beneficial for the losing team. The winning team is bound to have higher net worths and getting one big kill can potentially tip the scales, depending on the net worth of the hero being killed. So to reiterate: Supports, let your cores have those kill streaks and cores, don’t be too harsh on supports if they snatch a kill here and there. Their economy has been hit hard by Dota 2 patch 7/25.


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