State of Decay 2 update 25 plague territory which is available to download starting today. You can find out the complete patch notes for this.

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  • Decay 2 – an adventure game on the popular theme of zombies
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  • But State of Decay 2 patch, whatever it is, even in these harsh circumstances you will have to survive
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  • Basically, State of Decay 2 never goes very long without doing something to remind you that it’s a buggy game

Every player’s experience is unique – as you play, the open world responds to your decisions, developing in real time and dynamically offering new opportunities for you to demonstrate your own personal survival priorities. These decisions also result in real consequences that affect your community.

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Did you find a new home in our best bases in State of Decay 2 – Providence Ridge? If so, may we recommend our State of Decay 2 Tips and Tricks for further reading!


Life as you knew it has gone to hell after the mother of all zombie outbreaks. Now you and the few scattered survivors must band together to survive and rebuild in a 3rd-person action game set in a dynamic open world. You choose where to make your stand, designing and fortifying your home base, performing daring raids for food and ammunition, and rescuing other playable survivors with unique talents.

Providence Ridge contains an old logging town, various campsites, a lumber mill, and countless residential neighborhoods dotting the landscape. Each of these locations also contains countless zeds to slaughter and loot to gather.


Lundegaard Lumber Mill is unique because it is the first base in State of Decay 2 to feature five large slots to build upon. For players who want to truly customize their base, Lundegaard is the go-to option.

Nightmare Humans enemies are lethal, the only easy way to kill them is with headshots or lots of explosives, they have tons of health otherwise and they can go down like six or seven times until they finally die. So yeah, try to headshot these bozos, bring a red talon or someone with gunslinger so you can aim for the head more easily.


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Setting up bases can get expensive and relocating is a luxury. That's why picking a good base and sticking to it should be mandatory for survival. Thankfully, this guide exists to help players decide which bases to choose. With how good these 10 bases are, it'll be hard to move out.

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It’s rare to see more than a dozen at once, and the so-called “hordes” that appear on the map are limited to five or six. It’s enough to keep you on your toes, but individual zombies are more a nuisance than a threat.

The developers of State of Decay (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2924) 2 are promising a pretty robust Day One patch (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8602). The game is currently in early access, so it’s kinda rough around the edges, as games in early access tend to be. The developers are taking the game extremely seriously, so I’m sure they’ll deliver a fairly polished product on launch date with the day one patch (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6983).


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The mall also has a built-in Urgent Care facility which functions as a clinic for anyone injured. All these luxuries don't come in cheap though as the Barricaded Strip Mall needs 3,500 influence and eight people. Still, it's one step further into rebuilding civilization after an apocalypse.

Scavenging for resources to keep your community running is refreshing, though, because you can just look at a building and have a pretty good idea what you’ll find there. Food is found in restaurants and stores, fuel is in gas stations, construction supplies at construction sites, etc.


Enables opening the in game developer menu in game. Requires integration with the Mod Manager to work.

There's always that one mall that makes for a perfect zombie apocalypse base, in Drucker County, that's the Barricaded Strip Mall. As with most malls, it comes equipped with a high-quality kitchen that ought to make the inhabitants satisfied.


State of Decay 2 Patch 1.2 Highlights

In the middle of the Meagher Valley map in State of Decay 2 is Mazzara Farm, a medium-sized base location situated along the east side of the river. To claim this home base, you will need to have at least five survivors and 1,000 Influence. Mazzara Farm comes with a decent number of Open Slots and pre-existing facilities for the price, so consider moving into this base when your Clarington House is starting to get cramped.

The space is large with five building slots and there is also a gate with its own capacity for watchers. Thankfully, this modern castle isn't too costly and only requires 1,500 influence and six people to run it. Not bad for a drive-in establishment.

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Squelones Brewing Company is located smack dab at the center of Meagher Valley. That automatically makes it a great location for a base or a home base even. When it comes to benefits, Squelones Brewing Company is also self-sufficient with its own onsite supply of water.

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On the southwest end of Cascade Hills in State of Decay 2, you’ll find a base called the Container Fort. While this base does not have a ton of existing facilities, it does come with as built-in Workshop 3, which is perfect for when you need to repair your weapons. This base also comes with Firesafe Storage 3 and three parking spaces. There’s also plenty of open slots to add more facilities if you wish. However, this base will cost you 3,500 Influence and eight survivors to claim, so make sure your community is large enough to take over this base location.

State of Decay 2, without question, expands upon just about every system present in its predecessor, and improves the formulae that create such an immersive sandbox experience. Regrettably, a substantial number of technical issues present at launch hold back its true potential.


Once you move into Rusty Rosie’s, you can craft alcohol to sell to other enclaves. Alcohol sells for quite a bit of influence.

The patch (directory) was deployed on 6/1/2021, and should automatcally update when you launch State of Decay 2. The original patch notes can be found here. Although the official patch notes detail the update as a 20GB patch, the massive download is replacing a lot of data that already exists, bringing the total size up to 25GB, some users reported. IGN's Xbox version updated at 19/55GB.


There are a couple home base locations found near the center of the map in Cascade Hills, one of which is the Church on the Hill. This potential home base is located just northwest of the Bridge Fort described above. Claiming the Church on the Hill requires five survivors and costs 1,000 Influence. Being on a hill, this base gives you a good vantage point over the area.

State of Decay 2 patch improves a lot

In the northwest corner of Cascade Hills, players can settle in at Loch and Keogh Self Storage, a storage facility composed of a few buildings and plenty of open space. This potential home base comes with plenty of built-in facilities, including Elaborate Storage, a Watchtower, and even a Secret Distillery. It will cost you 1,500 Influence and six survivors to claim, but the Loch and Keogh Self Storage is a great base to move into as your community continues to grow in State of Decay 2.


State of Decay 2 Patch Notes - Update 19: Riding Shotgun

The one place where Plague zombies made me reassess my tactics was when tackling Plague Hearts, the destruction of which is the main objective of the campaign. These big pulsing globs of goo spawn in buildings all around the map, easily detectable by watching for a red fog around them or spending resources to have them pointed out to you, and you have to go in and hit them until they melt into pulsing puddles of goo while you fend off endless hordes of Plague zombies. But once you figure out how to deal with them – by which I mean taking the frequently given hint to spam explosives at them – they become routine, and because the defenders all die instantly when you destroy the Heart you don’t even need an escape plan. So these encounters, too, become repetitive quickly.

Four types of special zombies add some much-needed variety to the meat-grinder churn. The first time a speedy Feral zombie chased my car like a dog who knew exactly what he was going to do when he caught it was harrowing. The first encounter with a Juggernaut ended in victory, but not before he picked up my follower and tore her in half. Gas-filled Bloaters are easy targets, but they’ll sometimes lie down on roads and in fields waiting for you to drive over them, which is a dirty trick at night especially. And the Screamers do an amazing Keith Richards impersonation that draws in reinforcements, making them an obvious priority target in any group they’re found in. If anything, these guys are too rare: I only encountered more than one type at a time on a few occasions, but those were some of the best fights I had in State of Decay 2.


And then there’s the deadliest game: rival humans. Most of them will start out friendly and open to trade, though they soon become needy and ask for donations of resources. If you play nice you can bribe them into peace and cooperation, and they’ll give you stat bonuses in return – but if you decide feeding your own people is more important you’ll have a fight on your hands. Dealing with enemies that are far faster than most zombies (way too fast for humans, honestly) and able to attack from a distance is a tougher challenge than I was used to, and one of the first groups of hostiles I encountered killed off both my follower and my favorite character by dodging and weaving so quickly I couldn’t line up a headshot. Later I learned to use distraction gadgets and smoke grenades to catch them off guard – or just brought along heavier firepower when I knew I was going up against live enemies.

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The biggest draw for Container Fort is how it comes readily equipped with a level 3 Workshop - a good thing to have for those who love to create their own advantage in the game. Don't expect it to be cheap or easily obtainable, however. It needs eight people and 3,500 influence.


Steam version runs on Windows 7 and 8/1 despite minimum Operating System requirements. The game runs on LGA775 processors, despite minimum processor requirements.

Those two ought to make all the inhabitants feel safe as Whitney Field requires quite a big community with eight people and 3,500 influence. The building slots are also generous enough with five of them mixing up large and small facility slots.


On the west side of the Meagher Valley map just north of the lake is Camp Kalenqua, another medium-sized base that comes with a decent number of facilities and Open Slots. While this base location doesn’t come with Sheltered Beds, you can clear out some debris to make room for additional facilities if needed. Camp Kalenqua can be yours for 1,000 Influence and five survivors.

This guide helps locate State of Decay 2 its saved files and directories. We hope that this guide will help you.


As fun as that challenge is, there's a lot to know to stay one step ahead of the undead hordes, so we're here to help. Given the many different kinds of crafting and building supplies you'll need, it can be dizzying to know where to look.

While exploring the north end of Meagher Valley, keep an eye out for the Rural Police Station, which can be claimed as a new base for just five survivors and 1,000 Influence. It offers the same number of Open Slots as Mazzera Farm, so if you were looking to build a base somewhere in the north, then the Rural Police Station is a good alternative.


Fortunately, the moment-to-moment combat against the rank-and-file undead is simple but satisfying. Melee never really evolves beyond button-mashing while keeping an eye on your stamina meter, but you can unlock some specializations that allow you to quickly throw an enemy to the ground and leave it vulnerable to a delightfully gruesome head-popping execution move. And, when you score a critical hit and knock its block off with a single swing of a bat or swipe of a machete (instead of bludgeoning them four or five times first) it’s a tiny moment of power.

Guns, which include all the expected pistols, shotguns, rifles, SMGs, and grenade launchers, feel good to fire thanks to nice loud sound effects and recoil that make them seem powerful. Ammo is scarce enough that shooting feels like a last resort, but when you skillfully execute headshots (the zombies’ spongy bodies soak up precious bullets) you’re rewarded with a chunky effect and a one-hit kill on anything shy of a hulking Juggernaut.


The open space in this base location also screams "farmland" above all else, coupled with the water supply, then it becomes a food factory. Thankfully, it's not too expensive either and only needs 1,500 influence along with six people.

By that I mean, if you need food, you should check restaurants and kitchens. If you need gas, you should check gas stations. And if you need the highly sought after scraps of circuitry, there are sensible places for that, too.


Decay 2 Edition Juggernaut begins at the point of the fall and death of humanity. This is a zombie survival simulator open-source which lets you fight in a squad. You had to create a small group of survivors after the zombie apocalypse and make crucial choices in the game. You have to save survivors, look for resources and create your friends’ community in the game. The game is based on a simulation of zombie survival with the ultimate aim of survival. Each character has its State of Decay 2 Patch (home), own unique skills and qualities in your community so there is no community ever the same.

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Within the northwest section of Meagher Valley, there is a small Country Church that can be claimed and occupied for just 500 Influence and four survivors. It doesn’t come with much space for expansion, but it does have some Pews that can be cleared out to make room for additional facilities, such as beds.


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Finally, to the northeast you’ll find a somewhat hidden base location called Mohr & Mohr Distributing. This base is a bit off the radar in Cascade Hills, as you can’t spot it from climbing a tower. Instead, you will need to physically drive to the northeast section of the map to find this base location. Follow the road that runs parallel to the river and look for this base on the right side. Mohr & Mohr Distributing comes with a handful of Sheltered Beds, a Machine Shop, Huge Fuel Storage, and five Open Slots for new facilities. This base can be yours for six survivors and 1,500 Influence.

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At the same time, you have to be careful: a limited gas supply (and absolutely terrible gas mileage) adds some tension to every excursion – you don’t want to have the tank run dry just as you spot a horde hanging around with a Juggernaut, for instance. Having to keep your cars in good repair adds another layer of tension, and it’s a challenge to have to work your way out of a predicament by scrounging around for a gas can or repair kit. Also, trying to hoof it home when you’re injured and low on stamina is a big pain, especially at night.


The dead have risen and civilization has fallen. Not even the military could stop the zombies, and now it’s up to you to gather survivors and build a community in a post-apocalyptic world – a world where every decision matters, and where you define what it means to survive.

State of Decay 2 New Patch, Independence DLC Released

That alone offers tons of opportunities for players and can make any other base look limited. The most notable ready facilities in the Lumber Mill are also the Command Center which is always welcome, a Sawmill, and a storage facility for materials.

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Both Camp Kelenqua and Squelones Brewing Company might be havens for the hungry and needy, but they're not exactly the most defensive options. That title belongs to Whitney Field. It's a base located at the Southern part of the map and comes with two big watchtowers.


Additional notes: Internet connection for initial login required. Free Xbox Live account needed for playback.

State of Decay 2 Crack is an open-world fantasy game for you and up to three friends. After a zombie apocalypse, your small group of survivors wants to rebuild a small corner of civilization and you can make all the decisions about how it happens. You decide who to recruit on your team, where to build your community, how to strengthen and upgrade your base, and when it’s time to move to greener pastures. You choose which survivor to bring to a roadblock for the food and ammo you need State of Decay 2 reloaded and who to use to fight the zombies attacking your base. You choose how you interact with other people who are going to live in your city. Cards in play are broadly based on robust capital. This is a fight not to be missed.


The global battle to survive against the zombie threat is an apocalyptic thrill. This gives rise to many high-stakes moments that are interrupted by the relative calm of looking for stocks, always looking over your shoulders. This is a strong combination for a while so the mission combination is repeated.

Performance on the Series X was also found to be similar up until yesterday when a new1GB patch that released. From what’s being reported on the internet, and some videos, this update has introduced an increase in performance that allows the game to finally hit 60FPS. This is according to Dealer- Gaming, a Youtube channel who has uploaded a new video showing off State of Decay (discover here) 2 with noticeable frame-rate improvements.


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On your way to the east side of Drucker County, you can encounter a potential base site at Wally’s Bar and Grill. This base is closer to the center of the map, making it somewhat easier to access than other base locations. Wally’s Bar and Grill only requires 500 Influence and four survivors, making it one of the cheaper base locations on the Drucker County map. However, this also means that it doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of facilities. It does have three Open Slots available for you to add new facilities, though.


State of Decay has been patched (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/state-of-decay-patch-2.zip) for PC on Steam, and Undead Labs has added better framerates, physics fixes,vehicles are now “less flippy” and zombies will now eat NPCs. It will automatically update once you log in via Steam. Full patch notes are below and through the link.

State of Decay Patch 1_2

When developer Undead Labs release State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition on March 13, 2021, they also provided us with a brand-new map: Providence Ridge. It joins Cascade Hills, Drucker County, and Meagher Valley in the vanilla game.


State of Decline 2 PC The game hasn’t much changed, except a few things, and it also allows players to survive. There are, however, several very important things and the most important thing is for the player to choose three major places at the beginning of the game. Based on this choice, there will be random events that will occur. Decay 2 – an adventure game on the popular theme of zombies. Here you return to the resistance to protect as much as possible your own life. The world in which you live has fallen into total darkness as the virus spreads rapidly over the surface. You will survive State of Decay 2 for pc, and save the rest of the survivors to defeat the infected ones.