Sure, we had Dino Crisis in the 90s (another game that is begging for a modern reboot/remaster by the way). Yes, Jurassic Park has had more than a few video games in its day. But that code has yet to be cracked. It’s a code that deserves to be cracked. Preferably, in one fan’s humble opinion, with a horror-theme in mind.

  • Players created a character and improved their stats by earning server-tracked experience points
  • And, strange or not even though it uses the exact play mechanics as Dino Crisis, it's a lot, lot better
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Featuring a very similar gameplay routine to the early Resident Evil's, key puzzles and backtracking et all, Dino Crisis wasn't beyond a few scares of its own. Velociraptors bursting through windows, Tyrannosaurus Rex chases (it chasing you, to clarify) and some other scares thrown in made for a cracking survival horror game.

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In Dino Crisis 2, the government has secretly been continuing Dr. Kirk's mysterious third-energy experiments - which caused all the dinosaur havoc in the first game - and it has once again ruptured time. Consequently, the entire island housing the secret facility and the neighboring metropolis have completely vanished. The government has organized a crack team of operatives to enter an experimental time device and travel to the era they suspect the island disappeared to in an effort to rescue any survivors and recover the third-energy device. As the opening sequence reveals, most of the team is killed by a savage dinosaur attack, and only three operatives survive the brutal onslaught. Over the course of the game, you'll run into oddly futuristic characters and will learn that your mission isn't as simple as you may have first thought.


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Game has low stability, and it sometimes won't boot unless patched with something like dgVoodoo2. Gamepads are poorly supported or go undetected; remapping them is hardly supported. Bad sound quality and behavior: all tracks are poorly compressed, loop at random points, and generally sound very muffled or not normalized.

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