Battlefield Play4Free is an upcoming first-person shooter developed by EA and Easy Studios. It is set in modern day warfare arena and includes fast, gritty FPS action with an RPG-like leveling system similar to Battlefield Heroes. Featuring weapons and maps from the acclaimed games Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Currently in closed beta.

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Post your BFBC2 Beta issues

Graphically, the game looks decidedly dated. This is likely a result of the relatively small size. The beta weighs in at only about a gigabyte, and so texture quality and model complexity have been scaled back. It's functional, but nowhere near as pretty as, say, Battlefield (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=7157): Bad Company 2.


It felt like a blend between the Battlefield 3 Alpha and Bad Company 2, somehow. Still, the graphics are impressive for a Beta, but I truly hope that DICE is holding back and will unleash everything with the full launch of the game.

I like the way the corridor of playable real-estate forces players to create a line, a distinct front where a good part of the battle takes place. Flanking feels more meaningful when you can tell exactly where the enemy is or wants to be. Storming a position feels that much better when you do it with four or five allies at your side.


Q. What’s the name of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's developer

Those flashes are definitely still present in the PC beta Diamond. Also, between the 360 'demo' and the PC beta, I honestly don't think anyone could surely state what will be in the final game at this point, in terms of tiny little visual and gameplay tweaks are concerned.

They should know about the optimization issue. Most people can't run this game over 30 fps.


Also where why am I forced to be on full auto and cant switch to semi automatic fire mode. And lets not talk about the fact you cant really lean but that's a minor detail since cover is now plenty thanks to the destruction and the environment.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Theme

I thought there was too much arc on the tank rounds, it's reaching the level of bf1942. I don't think there was as much tank round drop BF2 as there is in BC2. However distances in BC2 may be larger than BF2. I'll observe this in the future again to see.


BTW I'm running at high settings, 1680x1050 at a framerate that is high enough that I don't see any slowdown. My system is a C2Q6600 (2/4 ghz), 2 GB DDR2, 9800GX2 all on XP. I am very surprised at how well the game is running.

I figured it was because I use low effects because of the ridiculous frame drop and no noticeable visual difference. Unlike HBAO, which I do actually notice.


On another note, PC optimizaiton is total garbage. Crysis runs a lot better and offers the same large scale environments with a more complex physics engine. By all accounts people able to operate Crysis at a pleasing level should have no issue running BC2. Yet in many instances this is not the case. However BC2 sports some amazing sound.

It won't be a great game if they don't fix the framerate issue. Here's to hoping they do, because I should be able to play this game on max settings with the hardware I've got.


Early last week, we saw Battlefield Play4Free launch into open beta. Yet another victim of the numerical title plague that Driv3r instigated, I found myself, quite understandably, apprehensive at first – however a game that’s proudly flaunted as ‘the best of Battlefield’ piqued my interest enough for me to give it a whirl. Take a glance at the score sheet, and you’ll find that Battlefield Play4Free is heavily built upon Battlefield 2, with a dose of ‘perk’ based influence from Battlefield Heroes, and a dash of Bad Company (in the way of operable vehicles) sloshed in for good measure. Whilst on paper this sounds rather impressive, Battlefield Play4Free (which I’m now coining as BFP4F) doesn’t quite succeed in execution. However, this isn’t entirely the fault of the game itself, and instead it’s EA’s nothing-for-free mentality that restricts the potential of this venture.

My PC experience has been pretty good so far. Things I would change right off the bat is the TEXT pop up should be more towards the bottom of the screen. Would also suggest they fix the Vsync, not really working at all.


Also the game itself is much brighter by default than the 360 demo. I have to crank up the ingame contrast and lower the brightness for the PC version to make things consistent and to remove the blinding effect of the bloom in the overly white level.

The game looks good when not close to anything, but the textures on the environment look nasty. Though your character model, namely your hands and arms that you can see look good.


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I found myself sticking to the Engineer class, sneaking up behind enemy tanks to take them out with a rocket-propelled grenade. As I played, I unlocked better weapons and a few character upgrades, like the ability to carry more ammo. If you've even touched Modern Warfare, the upgrades will feel instantly familiar.

Could anyone make a Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Aimbot

Had a couple of pretty amazing rooms full of really good players. It actually played out exactly as the trailer at times.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta registry

I got a few hours in last night and as someone who doesn't play online that much i had a ton of fun. The graphics, and sound were awesome. My only complaint so far would be no prone position, and there are some glitches but hey, thats why you put out a beta. Cant wait for the full game and more maps. Be jumping back online in a few to play.

Attachments should take up their own specialization slot, IMO. I don't like that I can't use both an attachment and extra ammo or faster run speed, for instance. Attachments should be considered alternatives to the default sights, not upgrades.


But maybe they wanted the light to carry far so as to visually alert folks who can't understand the language they're playing in or otherwise aren't paying attention. Are you certain the PS3 beta had the red crate flash?

The UAVs are most useful for taking out enemy tanks IMO. One rocket usually blows up a tank and the tanks can't look upward enough to shoot at it. Also good for blowing up buildings to create entrances for your teammates to set explosives.

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta

Preventing a sniper from going prone is fucking stupid. And I'm sorry, but defending that omission is even dumber. Also requiring said sniper to constantly hold down the crouch button makes no sense. Especially in a game that includes gravity pull on bullets. Good map design would allow players to hunker down with sniper rifles, close off optimal routes and force the enemy to use a less direct method in completing their objective. What's the point of sniping if you're "easy" to see. And in the Bad Company 2 beta it is real easy to spot and hit a sniper.

Embedded in the Bad Company Beta

I'm having a blast with the beta, excluding the first day it went live and kept crashing, but since then its been pretty smooth, and the sound in the game is incredible. I havn't had any framerate issues, (running on intel core 2 duo 3ghz, 2g ram, gtx260, vista 32bit), settings set to high, 1280x1024. I was worried about performance when I checked out the requirements and people talkin about quad core mumbo jumbo. I've already max'd out my rank and unlocked all I could, my only gripes so far is how sometimes enemies could act like bullet sponges, requiring almost my entire clip to kill, and the fact that the objectives A & B can be damaged by friendly fire.


It controls nicely and it's good for rooting out snipers and anyone who stays in an exposed area for too long. You can also shoot it down if you see it and when it's shot down, the pilot dies. There's also a period of time before a new UAV 'respawns'.

Search only x2 BattleField: Bad Company 2 PC beta keys

Anyone getting a terrible graphic glitch? I would screen shot it but that does seem to work.


They just made it more of an active thing in this one. Previously you could just look at an enemy and they would be "spotted". I like that they made it active, though I wish it wasn't such an awkward button to push while playing.

So there will not be any fancy/humorous named squads. They just have the standard names for squads like delta, foxtrot, hotel, etc. They are already made squads but are empty until you join. You hit the enter key, while in game, and you see a menu for the management of it. You are able to spawn on living members of the squad.


Every new vid I see for this game look better and better. Can't wait to play it. I loved MC2, and BBC as well.

On the PS3 it has been mostly leveling up issues, and the such. Sometimes I don't even score any point by fixing something, and the whole system of leveling up is kind of funky at times, leveling me up form level 11 to 4 or something like that. It gets fixed later on, it's just the screen at the end of each game that shows that kind of messed up info. Also, at the end of each game I believe it is supposed to read at the lower left corner of the screen "Game Won" or "Game Lost" or something like that, but that only happened to me once. I always get the ending video I should get, but that subtitle never shows up.

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Anyone else in the Battlefield Bad Company BETA

Mouse wheel (un)inverts itself after the first roll in a series (rolling down goes from 2 to 3, then back to 2, then finally to 1). Also the invert wheel button is broken. I just wanna scroll down and it select the next weapon; every time.


In this installment, the Bad Company crew again find themselves in the heart of the action, where they must use every weapon and vehicle at their disposal to survive. The action unfolds with unprecedented intensity, introducing a level of fervor to vehicular warfare never before experienced in a modern warfare action game.

As a Battlefield fanboy, I resent that statement. I don't care one bit that there's no prone. However the lack of a toggle for the crouch is a poor compromise.


You can use it for cover, but I don't think it can be destroyed further. Vehicle destruction is the same as the first bad company I believe.

Medic is a great class to have in your squad. Not only can a medic give health packs to other players, they can also revive them. This means that the precious respawn limit doesn't deplete.


BFBC2 PC beta impressions

Yes, we do, we had one of the first ever Battlefield Hardline Hacks released for the alpha, beta and now we are working for the full release that’s coming March 17th. Our coder has been working on Battlefield (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8798) games for over nine years; we released the first ever Battlefield hacks for BF2142 back in 2006. When you get a membership with us at FPSCheats, you’re working with the company with the most experience, so register on the forum now to get started. If you still need to buy Battlefield Hardline you can download it now for early access and extra goodies! Check out the Battlefield Hardline video trailer below showing off actual game play.

Are there any other places you notice lights other than on the crates? I don't see new light from muzzle flashes or explosions in either version.


I just hit the level cap (11) and unlocked almost everything except medic class. First day lag / crash issues were annoying, and the lag is still an issue. But I think one of the main purposes of the beta is to look at network infrastructure. When you get in a nice stable server with no lag, game is really fun.

You played the demo which uses 'gold' code. The PC beta is based on an older build. Yes it's dumb to ask for gameplay changes, but the whole purpose of this beta is for them to tune the controls and GUI for the different interfaces as well as tweak performance.


A new Battlefield (check this) Play4Free video has appeared in which DICE Senior Producer Ben Cousins delivers the latest juicy details on EA's upcoming free-to-play version of Battlefield, which will let us fight on Battlefield 2 maps with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 weapons and classes. A lengthy FAQ also reveals some more nuggests about the game, including details of how to sign up for the closed beta. The trailer is embedded below, along with a summary of the new features.

I thought the game was pretty spot on in the 360 version from what i've played. The PC version sounds like it needs some things fixed and I hope they address those before players get their hands on it.


Note: The Bad Company 2 beta has ended. This file is now useless

As if the record-breaking multiplayer beta wasn't evidence enough, here's my two cents: people are going to love this game! Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BBC2) is a brilliant FPS that will give players loads of fun while romping through the single-player campaign, and keep them coming back with an even better multiplayer online experience. DICE's proprietary Frostbite Engine, which makes destruction an integral part of you and your opponents' strategies, really helps to set this game apart from the competition. This title is definitely worthwhile, even in the face of the other big time shooters out there.

EA went on to note that as a result of the delay, it would be extending the multiplayer beta test. Though, again, the publisher was light on specifics as to when the beta is now expected to end. The publisher also affirmed that the PS3 and PC testing windows are still expected to begin on June 21, with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 preorderers gaining access on June 17.


I'm not gonna claim I didn't want it at first, but if thats what you want, wait for BF3. Its fine as it is for the game honestly. Its very easy to go unnoticed as a sniper just crouching down, its totally not necessary to need prone.

Arica Harbour is a linear battleground that sprawls from a high desert encampment down through an abandoned village and across a bridge to a train depot. Americans have four positions to attack and destroy. Russian defenders must resist the push.


I'll try and get into it. I made it my home page so I don't forget tomorrow. Sucks that it's on the ps3 though. I'll have to dig that thing out from the shadowy depths.

That's because Electronic Arts' DICE studio has been tweaking, polishing and reworking its formula for goal-oriented, first-person combat since 2002. Just this summer, Battlefield 1943 re-familiarized us with this particular brand of brawl, where vehicles, air strikes and stationary weapons help create a heightened sense of chaos.


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