After a longer period than expected, we are happy to release the official patch for Broken Sword 2/5. We fixed several situations where the game freezed or the inventory didn't worked as expected.

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We just talked about a pardes, a holy orchard, and in that orchard there are two trees, the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. And we were never forbidden from eating of the tree of life, we were only forbidden to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If we had only just not eaten from the tree we were forbidden to eat from, and eaten from the tree where we were allowed to eat from, we would have had eternal life, but because we disobeyed God, that was taken away from us.


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T-Bone: Yeah, I agree with that about the dispensation. The other thing, I’d kind of like to explore the Synagogue of Satan. I notice that you capitalized Satan there.


Nehemia: Wow, “those who say they are Jews but they are not,” and so that would be in Hebrew, “Yehudim”. But instead of Yehudim it has “Yehudi’im”, which is the adjective form. You could almost translate it as “Jewish-like”, or I translated here as “Judaic”. It’s not the same as Jew or Jews. And I looked this up because I thought, “Okay, so what is the difference between Jews and Judaic?

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Make sure you first listen to Part 1 of The Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation

And again, I don’t know if this is a translation from some lost Greek or Latin version, or if it is just the original Hebrew, I have no idea. But there’s something really fascinating about this text.

Nehemia: So, there’s “Diabolos”, which is “the Devil”. You don’t even need to speak Spanish to know Diabolos is the devil, meaning something like Satan or maybe it’s “a diabolos”, “a devil”.


Where can i get a patch for broken sword

In addition to the English voices the patch (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=850) includes French subtitles. It also encapsulates the first patch, which does not need to be installed separately.

Chapter 2681 - Sword Alliance

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So, knesset without the word “beit” in front of it, arguably is not synagogue. It could be some kind of what I think the call in Greek a “synod”, that is a counsel. And it’s interesting, because we have the word “congregation” here and it’s makelim, But with this word “synagogue”, so basically it’s the “counsel of the satan”, I mean, satan means “enemy”, but where you see about “hasatan” in the Tanakh it’s a type of angel, or perhaps a single angel, that’s arguable. So, we have this “counsel of the satan”.

CONAN Hyborian Age UNP Conversion

T-Bone: I find this very fascinating, the nails. That’s one of the things that struck me on this manuscript. And I’ve been thinking about it for the last two days, trying to figure out what it could mean. I think what you’re saying there really brings it to light. And whoever translated this, if this was translated from Greek into Hebrew, they had to know the culture and have a deep understanding, I would think, to put nails in there.


AJ Bernard: Nicolaitans, because it comes from the Greek, it’s a transliteration of the Greek. I looked in the Hebrew text, and it had the transliteration there. The Greek word - a couple of ideas of where it may come from: One, a conjugation of “nicai’o” which means “to rule over” from the Greek god Nike, and the word that becomes “laity”.

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Permalink to Hebrew Voices #40 – Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation: Part

We’ve had two amazing discussions here. We’ve gone on for over two hours between the two discussions.


And knesset is gathering, so it’s the gathering of the Satan. Satan really shouldn’t have a capital S. In fact, let’s change it right now and make it “the satan” with a small S, because if you say “the” in Hebrew, then it’s not a name. Then again, this is kind of a strange text where he adds “the” to almost everything, so maybe it is a name here.

Download A Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation: Part

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So, for example, Israel’s parliament is called “the Knesset” and where that comes from is not the word “synagogue” but an earlier concept that there’s something called “the men of the Great Assembly, haKnesset haGdola, the Great Knesset”. And that dates back to around 400 BC. Supposedly Chaggai, Zecharia and Malachi or Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi were members of the Knesset haGdola.

So there are the ones who conquer the laity, “We don’t like that. We hate that,” meaning whoever’s speaking here, but for the ones who are victorious in something else, maybe victorious in the Spirit, because the Spirit is talking?


Broken Sword 2.5:The Return of the Templars cover

Well, to be more specific, the earliest Greek texts are written in all caps with no spaces between the words. So, whenever you see a capital in your modern Greek text, that’s the interpretation of some modern printer.

To me, this is one of the three big pearls in this passage, one of the three golden nuggets. You’ve got Yehovah with the vowels in chapter 1 verse 8, you’ve got the nails, and you have this reference to Yehudi’im versus Yehudim.


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I want to make that really clear. I’m finding an ancient Hebrew text and I’m excited by what it has to say.

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Additionally this patch includes new subtitles, which means the officially supported languages are now: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Portuguese and Russian. Thanks to all fans out there who made this possible. It was a long way, but finally we reached the goal.

This being the case, we decided to fix these errors. As a result, your game experience will improve. Since there's not much time left until the release, we need your help hunting the bugs in Broken Sword (get the facts) 2/5. So, we are asking you for assistance. Write an application as a beta tester between the 1st of August and the 21st of August.


Nehemia: Guys, I just want to tell you something about T-Bone. He has seen the name “Yehovah” in more places in more Hebrew manuscripts probably than any other living human being, including me.

CONAN Hyborian Age - deutsche Version

There’s a man named William Darby, and he actually wrote a study on the Hebrew version of the Gospel of Matthew, Shem-Tov’s Hebrew Matthew. I wrote about that in my book, The Hebrew Yeshua Versus the Greek Jesus and A Prayer to Our Father, and I’m convinced that is a Hebrew original text, not a translation from Greek.


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Meta Knight once again appears, this time in Kirby's Epic Yarn, as well as Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn. He is not seen until late in the game, where he is found on the battleship Halberd, confused as to why Dream Land is covered in patches and stitching. Yin-Yarn then suddenly appears and sucks up Meta Knight with his sock. He is not seen after that until he is revealed to be the boss of Space Land, under Yin-Yarn's control. His fighting style is similar to his previous appearances, attacking with various sword techniques and using tornadoes. None of the four swords (click now) he wields are Galaxia, but the final red sword he uses seems to be an equivalent. Later, after he is defeated, Yin-Yarn's spell is broken and Meta Knight returns home to Dream Land via Prince Fluff's sock, along with Kirby, Prince Fluff, and King Dedede.

Hebrew Voices #40 – Hebrew Manuscript of the Book of Revelation: Part

Before Rome controlled the whole of Italy it shared the peninsula with others, such as the Etruscans and Samnites. These various petty kingdoms, cities and tribes often fought each other, but also united against common external threats. It was as the Etruscans waned and Greek influence fell away that the Romans began steadily accumulating land and power. After three wars against the Samnites, Rome finally became the dominant power in Italy, and extracted pledges of loyalty and military aid from the 'Socii Latini', its Latin allies. There were further rebellions against Rome’s dominance, the most significant being the Allied War of 90-88BC, when many of the Socii turned on Rome. Clearly, this gave the Romans pause, as the peace settlement after was surprisingly generous: it gave the Socii the right of full Roman citizenship, giving them a stake in Rome's continued survival and effectively uniting the whole of Italy under their rule.


The attached screenshots show incorrect characters in the description output which should be mapped via the normal charset1, which is C00. C01/2 are used for the Monitor/Folder output when using network terminals such as in Ryan's Apartment.

Nehemia: We have a sword that turns every way, or cherubs with these multi-faceted swords. And here is a double-edged cherub.


Patch 1.1 file - Broken Sword IV: The Angel of Death feed

Nehemia: Okay, so Genesis Rabbah is a Midrash, and it dates to around the year 500, but it contains much earlier material. That’s actually something you’ll often hear in early Rabbinical literature, “It’s from the year 200 but it contains much earlier material,” and it’s true. So, for example, other people who are much greater experts in Genesis Rabbah than I am have pointed out that there are three clear connections between the Epistles of Paul and Genesis Rabbah. For example, where he talks about the Torah being a teacher, that is based on a sermon in Genesis Rabbah, in this Midrash.

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So, what is this pardes that they’re talking about, this mystical orchard, and what happened in the pardes? Now is that connected here to what Revelation is talking about, both in the Greek and the Hebrew, because they have the same word? I don’t know, but presumably it’s connected to this idea of the Garden of Elohim, the Gan Eden, the Garden of Eden, which was an orchard, right? It had at least two fruit trees in it, perhaps more. I guess it had lots of fruit trees, because they ate from it.

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AJ Bernard: There’s the issue of the angels of these churches, and does that refer to the divine heavenly beings, or does “angel” simply refer to messenger? Could it be the pastor or a prophetic figure?


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Important: After you downloaded and installed the game, please download our official patch also. It adds english language and subtitles translated in 9 languages. Extract the patch (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3813) and copy the files to your game's folder. It is not neccessary to install the patch (check my site), just copy the files.

AJ Bernard: It doesn’t have the direct article, though. It doesn’t have the ha, the “the”.


Nehemia: Yehovah, Avinu shebashamayim, Yehovah our Father in Heaven, Yehovah, I look forward to seeing the bar enosh, the son of man, coming on the clouds, the one described in the Book of Daniel chapter 7. The one who will come and he’ll have victory over all the nations and he’ll conquer. He’ll appear before Your throne in victory and everybody will see Him. And He will bring peace to this world. Yehovah, You are the one that haya, that was and always has been. You are the one that hoveh, that is, and You are the one that yihyeh, the one that will always be. You are haya, hovey, yihyeh. You are one, Yehovah, and Your name is one.

We are all so blessed to live in this period of time where so much information about Your name and who You are is being revealed to mankind. And I thank you for this wonderful gift of Your name and the knowledge to be able to read these ancient Hebrew texts and the drive, the calling that You’ve given me and AJ and T-Bone to share this with people. This is a gift that I do not discount, that I know is a precious gift. It’s this burning inside me that I can’t explain. It doesn’t come from me - I know it comes from You.


Nehemia: Well, I wish we had more of this text, but so far that’s all we’ve discovered, unless T-Bone can dig up more. T-Bone, can you find us the rest of verse 13 and the rest of Revelation?

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I do think it’s interesting the victorious, because the words “lamenatze’ach” could also mean “the conductor”, that is, the conductor of a choir. And remember, I mentioned that “makelim”, which is congregations, could also be translated as “choir”.