Minecraft 1/14/4 was released earlier today. The new version includes a lot of bug fixes, as outlined in the release announcement on minecraft.net.

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TPU is co-op only because some people (notably myself) aren't interested in playing against humans. The extra tanks and planes (server-side map mods) are because otherwise there just aren't enough, which means there's a lot of walking, and people fight over them. The lopsided ratio is to make it more challenging for humans, as is the maxed-out bot AI. Their aim is godlike but they still can't drive for shit. Switching from Axis to Allied every six hours is so humans can play every map on both sides over 24 hours.


You may have noticed that the GameTracker server banners at the top of the home page are only appearing sporadically in the last few days. This is apparently happening because GameTracker is currently the subject of a DDoS attack. Hopefully this will blow over within a few days.

I'll roll the stats over in January as before. If there's interest, I'll post all previous years' stats as well.


Any organization, given enough time, will eventually become corrupt, or at least lose touch with the ideas of its founders. Once a company is being run by lawyers and MBAs, there's a good chance that they'll try to wring every last dollar out of their customers, in any way possible, regardless of the potential for damage.

Minecraft page on this site

Generally speaking, we want to keep in-game chat English. If you can communicate in English, please use it, even if you're not very good at it. On the other hand, if the only other people on TPU are your buddies and you all speak the same language, have at it. Just remember that when I see long conversations in a language other than English, I sometimes translate them because I'm just so curious.


Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Record UC

I found a workaround for the TPU stats problem that started on January 1, 2021. It involves changing the year of each round from 2021 to 2021.

As always, please let me know if you run into any new issues. Click About/contact in the menu above to begin.


Total Number of being third in Battlefield End-Of-Game-Ranking

The maximum number of players on TPU is 32. Bots fill in the teams to the maximum, so at any given time there will be as many as 32 bots in total. When a human player joins, one of the bots is removed.

Ryzing Gaming e.V - Battlefield Hardline

Not everyone joins TPU for the same reasons; not everyone plays the same way; there is no 'right' way to play. Yes, the general idea is to win a round, but there are many ways to contribute besides taking flags, and some people just want to dogfight, explore, etc.


The update also includes the customary two new levels (the Liberation of Caen and the Raid on Agheila), new vehicles (Lynx scout car and Flettner helicopter), and new weapons (Johnson M1941 LMG). The full feature and fix list is available on the official BF1942 Web site.

The main reason for these changes is the amount of griefing I've observed in recent weeks. Simply banning griefers (most of whom are, sadly, children from unhappy homes), isn't enough. More protection and admin tools became necessary.


Minecraft 1/12 is the first version of the game to require Java 8. If you only run the game client, you don't need to worry about this, because the game includes the required version of Java. If you run a Minecraft (click to read more) server, however, you'll need to upgrade to Java 8 if you're not running it already.

The in-game chat in BF1942 can be hard to read, especially on smaller screens, older screens, and some older laptops. If a player doesn't respond to your messages, they may not actually be able to read them easily.


Similarly, the server will auto-kick any player who has a bad enough score. Basically, if your score is below zero and dropping, you'll be kicked.

Some game companies understand that modding extends the life of a game, and embrace the idea. Others are somewhat less enlightened.


Battlefield 1942 patch 1.6.19

It was in the Secret Weapons map Raid on Agheila as a special vehicle. It was fast, lightly armoured, and had a fast-firing, low powered cannon. I needed a nice light tank for the SW version and the Greyhound fit the role perfectly. The model and most of the coding is by DICE, but I did do a slight reskin to change the desert tan color to a more appropriate greenish color, and had to recode the AI for it a lot as they were treating it like a jeep.

These days we use BFStats, which doesn't have all the features of select(bf), but does have the basics. BFStats is also old code, but it only generates static web pages, unlike select(bf).


So yelling at players to 'get a flag' is just pointless. If you really need to win every round, why not play a nice single player game?

The server will automatically kick any player with a consistently high ping value. Players with excessively high ping drag the server down, causing lag for other players. If you're on the far side of the planet with a shitty Internet connection, I'm sorry.


This massive patch for Battlefield 1942 features improved gameplay and fixes a number of bugs. It can be applied to any previous version of Battlefield (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2115) 1942, including those that have been patched with earlier updates.

RiME developer Tequila Works said they wanted DRM because if the game was cracked it could mess up the experience, but they also said if the game was cracked they would release a version without Denuvo DRM. The game was almost immediately cracked, and Tequila Works now says they will make good on their promise, but also that the DRM was never their idea anyway.


Added installation sanity checking that will tell you about common installation errors such as missing files. The sanity checking is done automatically at startup.

Also, when playing in the Vanilla version, on the spawn screen the Sniper kit has been replaced by an alternate assault kit with a SMG (Thompson or MP40) replacing the standard weapon. However, Scout kits can still be picked up from around the map.


France BF1942 Servers List

Raid on Agheila: this new map is for owners of the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack. It adds a bevy of new vehicles, including mobile spawn points, stationary rocket launchers, a new tank, new self-propelled artillery, and the Flettner, an experimental helicopter.

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Nothing much has changed, and I've tested the site's functionality, so everything should work as before. If you do notice anything broken, please let me know: click About/Contact in the top menu.

I finally noticed the problem yesterday, and resolved it by upgrading Skript and deleting some out of date files. Claims and other scripting-related functions should once again be working normally.


On December 18, I upgraded the JDRGaming Minecraft (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3442) server's world data. Upgrading world data can often resolve various kinds of problems, some of which cause error messages and sluggish performance.

Your player's stats will start appearing once you've played a few rounds. If you use multiple player names, each name's stats are tracked separately.


Once upon a time, we used select(bf) for stats. Sadly, that software is now very out of date, and requires such an old version of PHP that running it is a security risk. Select(bf) presents an active PHP web site.

Meanwhile, Denuvo itself was recently accused of using unlicensed software. In the world of DRM, this is known as 'stealing'. Denuvo's DRM uses code supposedly licensed from a company called VMProtect. But Denuvo's license was not sufficient for their use, and VMProtect went public.

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It's very easy to change your player name in Battlefield (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=4893) 1942, and many players have several player names that they use regularly. Yes, doing this can help to get around server bans, and it's confusing for other players, but you should not assume that there's any malicious intent. I personally only ever play as [TPU]Boot13.


Battlefield 2 commander hack

If you really want to communicate with someone in chat, it's not that difficult to determine where they're playing from using their IP address. Hurricane Electric's BGP Toolkit works for me. Search Google for languages in that country, then use Google Translate to translate your message for in-game chat. Unfortunately, BF1942 chat doesn't handle cyrillic characters, so you might want to try using Google Translate's phonetic translations for Russian.