I have the Fifa 15 set up with the crack v3. But when I play the game, it shows the ea logo, then it brings up the "origin activation error". What is the problem and what could be the possible solution.

  • Hope, you won’t face GeForce Experience Won’t Open issue now
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  • If you ALT+TAB you will get disconnected from your online match in FIFA 17. There is no fix for this
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  • If you are using origin
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Fix 2: Sync Accounts

With all these efficient features, it would be very frustrating to have it not working correctly or not opening at all. This happens to be one of the standard error (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/fifa-15-crack-origin-activation-error-fix.zip) faced by the gaming population using GeForce Experience interface. Sometimes even uninstalling and reinstalling also doesn’t seem to work.

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Other background applications like firewall, antivirus programs, could also interfere in running GeForce Experience application. Add an exception to your firewall program for the GeForce Experience so that it is not blocked.

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You may need to update the Nvidia drivers manually. Or If you are running the older version of GeForce Experience you will need to upgrade to the latest version from an older version.