The iconic Henry Repeating Rifle was introduced by the New Haven Arms Company in 1860. Built around the new 44 rimfire cartridge, it had unprecedented rapidity of fire.

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I'd be willing to bet, heavily, against meeting any of the abstract targets. The only way we know how to do that is to seriously downshift the economy, and growth for growth's sake is another of those unquestionable foundations of our time.


SURELY you can explain how the United States stepped away from the Paris Agreement without involving politics. And explain how stepping away from the Paris Agreement helps with global warming.

True, any employee has a right to request a Board investigation when a dispute among employees arises, and if the Board were to adopt procedures renouncing its duty to act upon these requests, reversal under Leedom review would appear appropriate. But nothing in the Merger Procedures strips employees of the specific right to invoke the Board; the Procedures merely grant the same right to others without impairing the employees' ability to request investigations.


Outside groups will be limited to a maximum of two, with the exception of family members from the same household. Only necessary travel should be undertaken, such as traveling to work or to buy food.

We don’t worry about cold here for all but one or two weeks of the year, and I expect that to go down to few days in the future due to global warming. Worst case would be heating provided by wind sourced electricity, and maybe a residential geothermal pump can make that more efficient. The vast majority of my energy usage is from air conditioning.


Following the issuance of the Merger Procedures, the Railway Labor Executives' Association and eighteen other rail labor unions (collectively, "RLEA") filed this suit in the District Court. RLEA sought both a declaratory judgment that the Board lacked statutory authority to promulgate the Merger Procedures and a permanent injunction against their enforcement.

When you have one side screaming about the "War On Coal" and promoting proven bullshit like "beautiful clean coal" or trying to defund any and all climate research and muzzle climate scientists, you better believe partisanship is relevant to the issue. How do you have a technical discussion when partisans are doing their utmost to shut it down?


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Legislative silence may, of course, reflect either a legislative decision to leave the issue unresolved or a failure to focus on the issue sharply. Where the issue arises in administration of a statute that Congress has confided to an agency, Chevron tells us how to read such a gap -as a matter to be resolved by the agency.

The decision was a third time that a Court of Claims judge ruled in favor of Whitmer. The other lawsuits were brought by residents, a business owner and a new group that has organized protests at the Capitol.


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Most of Pennsylvania’s counties have relied on the state to dole out their rental assistance dollars. Tenants who live in one of those jurisdictions will be able to complete their entire application using the COMPASS website.

Hannover Institute of Philosophical Research. The Ethics of American Military Policy in Africa (research paper).


I wouldn't say the usage of electric bikes is large. Most electric bikes are ridden by delivery men.

However I think what could work, would be an Emissions Credits scheme that Europe currently has, and then heavily tariff all goods from companies or sources which do not operate under a similar scheme. That both accounts for the externality that is emissions inside the jurisdiction, while incentivizing parties outside the jurisdiction (manufacturers, exporters, etc) to also buy into the system in order to access the market. And if enough manufacturers buy in, that would have a global effect even without the cooperation of other governments.


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The way i'd put it is that many people don't really care what happens after they're gone, and would like us to just shut up about it. And that will never change. We have to stop wasting our efforts trying to win the hearts and minds of people who have neither.

Left grip panel has series of 20 hand cut notches along backstrap. Frame & grip straps have matching numbers.


Appellants urge us to abolish this distinction and to adopt a rule that all matters involving the Board's jurisdiction, not merely refusals of jurisdiction, are reviewable. They point out that those circuits which have squarely confronted the issue have held that threshold questions implicating the Board's jurisdiction to act under Section 2, Ninth fall outside Switchmen's proscription against review.

In both this case and PCCA there is statutory language that states something affirmative; in both the issue is whether that affirmative implies a negative. Structurally, the issues are just the same.


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I"m not sure if you're asking about my technical involvement per se, but I'm in an expansive mood so i'm easy. My house is off-grid 100% solar powered, specc'd out at 8/8 kw/hour. As these things go it was pretty good when installed 7 years ago; now I could easily double the potential wattage at half the cost (and may do so down the road to better handle low light/heavy cloud days). This works fairly well as I invested heavily in large scale batteries; they weren't the *biggest* I could get but they were probably the biggest I could have *shipped* to me. I haven't had any power outages to speak of as a result, due usually to regular maintenance.

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The first track holds that Board certification orders ordinarily are unreviewable, unless they fall within the ambit of Leedom v. Kyne. The second track, which had its genesis in two pre-Leedom v. Kyne decisions from the 1950s, holds that the court may review orders in which the Board concludes that it lacks jurisdiction to resolve a representation dispute.


Thick base mid range Vernier tang sight w/ 4" staff. Includes both standard depth 15/16" diameter disk aperture & 7/8" diameter deep dished disk peep aperture. Bottom of spring is stamped "73".

Help available for renters

Red front label date not legible. Full box of 20 300 gr. full patch bullet.


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The US has about 2% of the world's land area and 4/4% of the world's population, but we account for 15% of global emissions as of last year. The EU-28 nations collectively have about 6/9% of the global population and only account for about 9% of global emissions.

Nickel finished rolling block action. Walnut forearm & checkered walnut 1 piece grip.


Where do you think your iPhones, TVs, toys, and all your Amazon/walmart cheap goods are made? If you want others to comply are you willing to pay 2x what it costs today for goods?

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But no real offshore, wind, solar and grid storage has been built yet. When they are built, renewables could 60% to 70% of ERCOT in 20 years, and near 100% in 40.


Jevon's Paradox is a possibility in some particular cases - not an immutable law. It only applies when there's an activity someone would do but doesn't because inefficiency makes it unprofitable. If efficiency isn't the limiting factor, Jevon's Paradox does not occur. Even if it is, Jevon's Paradox only occurs if efficiency unlocks sufficient extra usage.

Several nations, several USA states are planning to eventually be 100% renewable for electricity generation and automobiles in the next 20 to 30 years. This isn’t done without analysis. What do you know that they don’t?


Prescriptions are granted remotely (phone and email) based on symptoms and travel history. People lacking prescriptions may pay for their own tests. Prices vary depending on the hospital from CZK 1,300–3,000 (€50–120).

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Housed in purple velvet & silk lined Pall Mall London agent marked casing. Pistol has no British proofs but fits English leather veneered case w/ 3 original cartridges.


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Further, to the extent that the Switchmen's Court was influenced by perceptions of a congressional desire to resolve explosive problems quickly, that concern seems applicable here. The Merger Procedures attempt to deal efficiently with disputes before they escalate. Stonewalling by either side over rules of the game -sure to develop and be manifested as requests for stays of adjudications hinging on the outcome of judicial review of such rules -will undermine the dispatch evidently sought by Congress.

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Security Council released Thursday, Antonio Guterres pointed to the more than 20,000 civilians killed or injured in 2021 attacks in 10 countries — and millions more forced from their homes by fighting. He said the pandemic is “the greatest test the world has faced” since the United Nations was established 75 years ago and has already had a severe impact on efforts to protect civilians, especially in conflict-affected countries where weak health care systems can be overwhelmed.


SURELY a technical discussion can be had without the partisan politics, eh? Whether you're a conservative, a liberal, a Trumpian, or some mix of the above if you believe in global warming then partisanship isn't particularly relevant to the issue.

In the conduct of any election for the purposes herein indicated the Board shall designate who may participate in the election and establish the rules to govern the election, or may appoint a committee of three neutral persons who after hearing shall within ten days designate the employees who may participate in the election. The Board shall have access to and have power to make copies of the books and records of the carriers to obtain and utilize such information as may be deemed necessary by it to carry out the purposes and provisions of this paragraph.


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Going forward, I've helped several of my co-workers install smaller (always on grid, but something's better than nothing) systems to at least provide power during the day. One friend of mine was asking about storage tech and I steered him to a Tesla Powerwall, which is being installed in April.

There is no "explosive problem," no simmering controversy demanding swift and final settlement. We are asked to review the Board's issuance of the Merger Procedures described in the majority's opinion.


Authorities noted also the rising number of COVID-19 positive healthcare workers. As the capacity for COVID-19 testing increased, authorities eased requirements for free testing.

Ramp mounted replacement front sight w/ original sporting rear sight. Special order full length mag, extra light weight rifles were half length unless otherwise ordered.


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As a particular area I'm familiar with, the move from gasoline cars to electric cars is nice, but it's still consuming most of the energy to move the vehicle around - when the goal, for many, many miles, is to move one or two people around. You can do that on 10% the energy per mile or less, and about 1% the material weight (serving as a rough proxy for embodied energy) with electric bikes. And I fully expect a long list of reasons why someone couldn't possibly use one. May I suggest that an 80 mile commute isn't a good idea, climate-wise, regardless of doing it in a Tesla?

Full length tubular 11 shot mag. Action is fitted w/ crossbolt safety & hammer extension.


They're illegal at the state level, but enforcement varies. Manhattan has stepped up enforcement because of the number of accidents.

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In this circuit we have used a number of formulae to characterize the power of review established by Leedom. We have, for example, read it to permit review only in instances of "gross violation of the statute".


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Over the administration and organization of the Army, but not over military policy. The Secretary at War ran the War Office.


In my view, whether the original majority opinion in this case just peeked or whether, as Judge Williams thought in dissent, it threw the door wide open and looked the merits straight in the eye, is beside the point. To ask the questions is to assume, incorrectly, that Switchmen's applies to the case before us.

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The Annual Reports and published Board decisions are equally telling for what they do not contain, namely, any suggestion that the Board itself has power to initiate a Section 2, Ninth investigation. Rather, the Board's longstanding practice makes it clear that, until recently, there never has been even the slightest confusion over the limited authority of the NMB. See Dana E. Eischen, Representation Disputes and Their Resolution in the Railroad and Airline Industries, in THE RAILWAY LABOR ACT AT FIFTY 29 (1977) (Board, "with rare exceptions, has viewed its own role [under Section 2, Ninth] as narrowly circumscribed"). Regulations that have been in effect since 1947 clearly contemplate that representation investigations will be initiated only by employees or their representatives.


At 4C, vast chunks of the planet that are currently marginal for human life but nonetheless occupied become flatly uninhabitable. I can't remember the name for it, but there's a temperature and possibly humidity point at which you literally can't sweat enough to cool off. At that point, all outside jobs are non-starters, because it's literally too dangerous for people to spend any significant amount of time exposed to the heat.

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Switchmen's is to Erika as this case is to Michigan Academy. Unlike most other agencies, the National Mediation Board's exercise of adjudicatory authority is generally immune from judicial scrutiny, but like other agencies its exercise of rule-making power is not.

In the ČSM mines, 704 of the 3,403 employees tested were positive for COVID-19. That equates to 20/7 percent, but the vast majority of them had no or only very mild symptoms of the disease.


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According to data published by the Czech Medical Chamber, 259 physicians became infected up until September 19. However, just a month earlier it was four people. Among nurses, the number of people infected increased from three to 433 from August 20.

Also needs companies like VW to NOT cheat on their emissions. Its crazy that Winterkorn is still basically untouched at this point, and VW corporate in Germany is getting nothing but a slap on the wrist.


Carefully avoided committing itself to Finnish foreign policy. Finland's military policy included clandestine defence co-operation with Estonia.

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At least, qualify it to ‘eliminate fossil fuels combustion’. I don’t want to have to stop eating carbohydrates, proteins, or vegatable oils.


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If you're going to ban threads with any remotely sexual content, then ban threads discussing firearms as well, because those are just as offensive. Oh, did I mention threads discussing IDE controllers? That whole master/slave thing is offensive, as well as any discussion about male/female connectors.

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With all due respect, you've evaded the question. You've been registered here a long time, you should know that these forums are very capable of having as technical a discussion as you would like. And if you have lurked in any climate change threads, you've also seen that most attempts at a technical discussion are riddled with long-debunked claims that global warming is a hoax or other similar forms of deranged nonsense. So again, when one side is actively trying to derail the discussion, how do you have one?


The legislative history further suggests that the sua sponte investigation power claimed by the Board is antithetical to congressional intent. Because mediation was considered to be the Board's primary function, Congress sought to delineate the Board's other roles in a manner that would avoid compromising its effectiveness as a mediator. It was for that reason, for example, that both the House and the Senate amended the originally-proposed text of Section 2, Ninth so as to empower the Board to appoint a neutral committee to resolve sensitive representation-related issues.

A new major COVID-19 hotspot emerged in the city of Karviná. Over 150 workers became infected at a black coal mine where miners work in tight shafts as deep as 1,000 metres underground. Authorities expected the number to significantly rise further as the workers' family members were likely to become positive later. Among those infected were also many foreign workers from Poland, where coal mines became hotspots in previous weeks. Health authority planned to conduct testing of all 2,400 workers within three days. Czech Army deployed six medical teams to assist local authority in collection of samples and contact tracing. As of 22 May, up to 40% of infected miners had no symptoms with many others reporting tiredness as the only symptom. Meanwhile, a school was temporarily closed down in nearby city of Havířov after a child of one of the miners tested positive. Apart from the coal mining hotspot, authorities deemed situation in the rest of the country as stable, except for Prague where they identified several small clusters with community spread.


Had the Eastman bill passed, the Board would have been required to investigate at the behest of carriers and would have been investigating a different type of dispute -union-versus-carrier rather than union-versus-union. Congress's desire to prevent employer intrusion is not thwarted by the Board's adopting a policy of starting investigations when carriers bring to its attention specific circumstances that in its experience are likely to produce potentially disruptive representation disputes.

The crux of the Board's claim in this case is that as Section 2, Ninth does not expressly forbid the Board from asserting jurisdiction over a representation dispute in circumstances other than upon employee request, it should not be prohibited from doing so. But the language of Section 2, Ninth does not admit of this argument. The subordinate clause "upon request of the parties" expresses a limiting condition. Indeed, the entire first sentence of Section 2, Ninth imposes strict limitations on the Board's power.


Unable to link its assertion of authority to any statutory provision, the Board's position in this case amounts to the bare suggestion that it possesses plenary authority to act within a given area simply because Congress has endowed it with some authority to act in that area. We categorically reject that suggestion. Agencies owe their capacity to act to the delegation of authority, either express or implied, from the legislature.

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My analogy would be - we're all in one lifeboat, and it's leaking, but some deny that fact. I see a way to stop the leak with significant effort and risk, I incur a cost in doing so, everyone benefits equally but since the benefit to me is personal survival, I have plenty of incentive.


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A collection of letters, in which the imperfection of learning, even among Christians, and a remedy for it, are hinted: The usefulness of the Celtick is instanced, in illustrating the antiquities of the British Isles, in pointing out the errors of Mr. Innes. The affinity betwixt the language of the Americans of the Terra Firma, and these of the ancient Britains, is proved.


The 75-year-old patient suffered from diabetes and Parkinson's disease and also had advanced heart problems. The patient had been in the hospital since January and got infected while in post-operative care. After this patient tested positive for COVID-19, the hospital tested all 29 other patients in the same ward on 22 March, all negative. The test was repeated again on 25 March, this time with positive outcomes for 13 patients. Several of the hospital's staff had become infected earlier, probably while taking care of the Uber driver who would later become the first remdesivir receiver in the country. This patient was originally admitted with simple pneumonia without initial indication of COVID-19.

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The above language makes perfectly clear that, as used in Section 2, Ninth, the term "parties" includes neither carriers nor the Board itself. Indeed, the Board does not claim otherwise. Because the requisite "dispute" must arise "among a carrier's employees," per the first clause of Section 2, Ninth, the succeeding phrase "upon request of the parties to the dispute " can refer only to those same employees. If Congress had considered carriers to be embraced within "parties to the dispute," the final clause of the first sentence would be entirely superfluous.


Curious though, how does one farm mud exactly? What market is there for farmed mud?

I didn't realize the "mature" title implied anything quite so graphic. I thought it was a reference to the subject matter, but not necessarily images.


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Although we are not legally bound by the Board's past constructions of Section 2, Ninth, it is surely noteworthy that these constructions do not in any way endorse the current position of the Board. For more than fifty years, the Board conducted representation investigations only upon request of employees, and the evidence indicates that the Board never even assumed that it had the authority to act sua sponte or at the request of a carrier.

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Additional measures are aimed at preventing people from gathering in public. They include a limit on group sizes to a maximum of six people. The requirement to wear a face mask in all train, tram, and bus stations is mandatory. All primary and secondary schools will switch to distance learning. The measures regarding schools will last through 1 November.


A 32-year-old woman was arrested for movement at a public space without a face mask, although she had been personally ordered to remain in quarantine. Despite quarantine order, the woman used a taxi and visited a shopping mall. The woman was jailed at a hospital ward of Brno prison. If convicted, she may be sentenced to up to 8 years' imprisonment.

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Ministry of Defence committee, which makes decision on all aspects of military policy. The changes took effect on 1 November 2021.


Late second model w/ full blue finish & mortised breech bolt. Grooved walnut slide handle & straight grip of nicely grained walnut w/ crescent steel buttplate.

China 'Ready' to Help India Fight COVID-19 Crisis Amid U.S. Vaccine Materials Ban

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The COVID-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic is part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease 2021 () caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (). The first three confirmed cases in the Czech Republic were reported on 1 March 2021. On 12 March, the government declared a state of emergency, for the first time in the country's modern history for the area of the entire country. On 16 March, the country closed its borders, forbade the entry of foreigners without residence permits, and issued a nationwide curfew.

Thus, it is of no moment that Section 2, Ninth does not state that "the Board shall not conduct an investigation except on the request of an employee," so long as we may conclude (as we do) that Section 2, Ninth imposes a clear and mandatory obligation upon the NMB to investigate representation disputes only at the behest of the affected employees. We reject any suggestion in our prior cases that it remains open to question whether Leedom v. Kyne applies only to negative commands.


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C) "mature content" is a term that has been in use for many years in the entertaiment industry, and is more than sufficient as a warning. Just in case the "DoD" part didn't tip one off.


The country recorded its first coronavirus death on March 1 when 78-year-old James Kwan died in a Perth hospital. He had been a passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Japan.

Category:COVID-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic

A wonderful, early Western or cowboy style hat. Hat appears to be tan beaver felt w/ a leather edged brim & stylized, embossed leather hat band. There is a leather sweatband & a paper size tag that reads “7 1/8”.


Neither of the court's two theories for displacing Switchmen's/ Leedom -the APA or the characterization of the issue as jurisdictional -appears convincing. Considered with the exceptional deference that those cases require, the Merger Procedures easily pass muster.

Work MORE and STOP SURFING THE WEB AT WORK YOU SLACKERS. If you've got problems keeping yourself busy I could point you in the direction of scrubbing the baseboards and mopping the floors.


Chao Wang - Publications

Scene depicts a small group of cattle in the foreground, huddled together against the cold. In the distance, the viewer can see a wagon cresting the hill headed towards the group w/ sustenance for the starving herd.

At some point, I think it's likely to come down to a risk tradeoff. Is it riskier to deploy SRM on a large scale or is it riskier to accept, say, 4C of warming?


Feed for question 'Swift: Not able to navigate to another view controller'

This lovely leaded glass panel depicts a great heron in marshy landscape. This panel is completely hand leaded, which was probably made some time in the 20th C. Displays lovely coloration.

Saucon Source With Federal Eviction Ban Extended, Help For Pa. Renters Possible Comments Feed

ACCSESORIES FOR RIFLE, PISTOL & SHOTGUN. Lot includes presses, dies, powder scales, measures & bullet casting equipment.


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For all the carping about China's emissions, they account for about 20% of the global population and 28% of emissions. When it comes to a nation's share of the carbon footprint, the US is in Ronald McDonald shoes.

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Healthcare in the Czech Republic

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Now would be a good time to be working on personal adaptation to a wildly varying climate. And I still don't know what all that looks like, but protected growing areas (greenhouses and wire meshed raised beds) might be a good start for those with the land area to play with.


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While COVID-19 positive, at the time of death, the man was not at ICU and did not suffer from pneumonia that is a COVID-19 specific type of death. The man suffered from chronic heart issues and had also a pacemaker. The cause of death was formally established as a "complete exhaustion of organism".

COVID-19 pandemic in Europe

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All these liberal propaganda against another political party does not solve real world problems. You are trying to fight capitalism, good luck with that.

The Merger Procedures also contemplate that the Board sua sponte may investigate the status of post-merger certifications. Thus, for example, the Procedures state that it is "the affirmative responsibility of the Board" under the Act to determine the status of its prior certifications. Id. at 47; see also id. at 49 (asserting that the Board retains "flexibility to appropriately investigate and apply its procedures to different situations which may arise in the future"). Moreover, at no time in this litigation has the Board disavowed the appellants' claim that the Procedures seek to empower the Board to investigate a carrier's representation status on its own initiative.


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By invoking the Board's jurisdiction, a carrier could create a problem where employees saw none to exist or thrust itself into the center of a representation fray and thus attempt to influence the outcome of any subsequent election. For example, if the carrier petitioned for a Section 2, Ninth investigation very shortly after a challenging union began to court employee allegiance, that action could hasten an election and effectively prevent a serious challenge to the incumbent union.

In 1815, Nassau was a member of the German Confederation. Nassau's military policy was shaped by Duchy's membership of the German Confederation.


Century, social acceptance began to increase, and legal rights followed. Military policy was changed in 2021, allowing LGB people to serve openly.

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I'd love a more energy-efficient life-style. Heck, I can do with less energy.

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Identity as they institutionalized their racial classification through military policy. Over time this led to an even stronger sense of ethnic identity.


Enlistment in the British armed forces. During the Cold War, Irish military policy, while ostensibly neutral, was biased towards NATO.

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Having long remained non-aligned throughout the Cold War, though close with the former Soviet Union, India has begun to foster warmer ties with the West, and especially the United States. The trend comes at a time when Washington sought to shore up its ties in Asia to counter Beijing's rise.


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With all due respect, your assertion has nothing to do with global warming whatsoever. You're just mad that Trump used *precisely* the same language as Obama and Bush before him to describe the potentials offered by clean coal. As anybody who knows enough to participate in this topic, the idea of clean coal has been pretty much overcom by natural gas options mostly due to fracking improvements.


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You can count the US out for the next three years. Our administration denies climate change, denies human influence on climate change, and promotes the fallacy of clean coal. It's also working hard to kill any clean energy solutions, so you can bet it won't fund investments to develop CO2 removal. Hopefully, the next three years won't result in any more damage than we're already causing, specifically new fossil fuel power plants that will run for decades.

Butt of right panel has initials "TE". Frame & grip straps have matching numbers.


Navy "freedom of navigation" operation that challenged India's requirement for countries to seek prior permission to conduct military activities off the coast of the Lakshadweep Islands in the Indian Ocean. The Indian External Ministry expressed "concerns" over the incident.

Author were approved by the Manhattan Project's governing body, the Military Policy Committee, in May 1944. The Report was to serve two functions.


Elizabeth Hardison covers the state Senate as well as education and criminal justice issues for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star. She can be reached at [email protected], on Twitter @ElizHardison or by phone at 607-437-3548.

Battery based grid storage is going to put a stop to gas peaker plants. Solar and storage, both utility and residential, will be the nail in the coffin for coal and gas base load plants.


Thus, in Switchmen's, the Court held that the Board's certification of representatives pursuant to Section 2, Ninth was a function committed exclusively to the NMB and was not judicially reviewable. The Board's role was to "find the fact [of representation] and then cease," and the Court found "plain" congressional intent that "the dispute was to reach its last terminal point when the administrative finding was made.

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We lit our homes ages ago, when the cost fell to be affordable. The electricity consumption is not what stopped us from lighting them more than we already do.